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Mon, 27 October 2003

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A Note To The Conservative Party

Here's a tip for the Conservative Party: before you elect a new leader, run the shortlist past an impartial focus group to save you electing another dud. Your record of choosing a charismatic leader that the public warm to has been exceedingly poor - no one really liked John Major, he was just a better choice than Neil Kinnock; William Hauge came across as a schoolboy and Iain Duncan Smith is just dull.

So how on earth is Michael Howard a favourite to win the inevitable leadership contest? THE PUBLIC DO NOT LIKE HIM. He comes across as being rude and very arrogant. All that will happen is that his interview with Jeremy Paxman where he evades the same question 14 times will be played over and over, he will be shown to be untrustworthy, and you will be no better off than you are now.

The new leader needs to be someone who can unite the party, make Labour look stupid, but above all appeal to the voters. When I've thought of someone, I'll post it here.

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