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Sat, 18 October 2003

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Concorde's Last Flight

I remembered today that Concorde's last passenger flight is on Friday October 24, and as I work only a mile from Heathrow Airport I'm ideally placed to walk down to watch the last three flights land. That is, I would have been ideally placed if I hadn't, through spectacularly bad planning, booked that day off to go to Edinburgh for the weekend. All is not lost though, as there is a Concorde flight taking off from Edinburgh at 1420 on Friday, so I'm going to try and be there in time to see it.

I still think it's scandalous that there are no plans to keep one flying for airshows and special events. It is the only plane of it's class, and is part of aviation history. I can't decide who is to blame for this - British Airways, who are giving the planes to museums, or Airbus, who say they won't maintain it beyond October 2003. It's probably a combination of the two - obviously neither Airbus Chief Executive Noel Forgeard or Rod Eddington, CEO of British Airways can see past the bottom line. Whatever the reason, it is a great shame.

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