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Mon, 17 November 2003

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Jamie Oliver - Boots Christmas Catalogue :oops:

From Uzzbank, this picture of Jamie Oliver is a scan from this year's Boots Christmas Catalogue. Has their printer just announced redundancies?

Jamie Olive, Boots Christmas Catalogue.

If you want to check for yourself, it's on page 158, top right.

Fri, 14 November 2003

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Chasing Bush

Apologies to all those who arrived here via search engines looking for porn, but this is an entirely different type of bush. Chasing Bush is the new website to track George W Bush throughout his visit to the UK. To prevent protesters from following US President George Bush during his visit and spoiling his holiday, the exact details of his plans have not been released, and that is where Chasing Bush comes in. Throughout his three day stay his location, along with images of the protests, will be posted to the site, '..he can run and hide all he likes, but there will be no escape for George W. Bush.'
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Scientists Use DNA To Make A Virus - Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

I can understand the fascination with cloning and it's possible use in medicine, and I can see how genetic modification can have benefits if used carefully. However, I don't much like the look of this - scientists use DNA to make virus. This is obviously in it's infancy, but the first computer viruses were also well controlled and harmless and look how they've turned out.

Wed, 12 November 2003

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thedrunkensailor - The Story Continues

Since my first post about thedrunkensailor and his ebay auction of Beanie Babies has been getting a lot of referrals from Google, I thought I'd follow it up and see if there's been any further developments. Surprise, surprise there has.

thedrunkensailor himself has gone on to list more merchandise on ebay. You now have the opportunity to purchase 'Drunken Sailor & Mugg Stein Signed T-Shirts', a bargain at just $16.99 + $4.85 shipping and handling. It doesn't look like he's done as well with these though - as far as I can tell he hasn't sold any yet. The site that these T-Shirts promote,, is, strangely enough, a site about beer. On the site he lists the 360 people who have bought a 'Drunken Sailor a Frosty Mug' Certificate of Appreciation, as well as giving us the chance to buy various Drunken Sailor merchandise (Drunken Sailor thong anyone?).

In a strange twist, the winner of the original auction turns out to be the woman who was doing all the complaining. She has put the Beanie Babies back up for sale, and at the time of writing this they've reached $182.50, with only 5 hours left.

So where will it all end? Probably very soon, like most internet fads - anyone remember the hampster dance? One last thought though: this all seems a bit suspect - would someone really pay $860 just so they could make a fuss and report him to the FBI, or is the whole thing a set-up? Is it beyond the realms of possibility that she doesn't really exist at all and that it's all a marketing ploy? I'll leave you to make your own minds up.

Tue, 11 November 2003

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Rumbled by Blackstar

A couple of days ago I posted a link to Blackstar to get Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring for 99p - £3.99 for the DVD and a £3 voucher. The day after, the price of the DVD suddenly increased to £17.99. Well, I received an email from them today saying
You have placed an order for The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring which was priced at 3.99 GBP. However, this item was only available
at this price if purchased in conjunction with The Lord Of The Rings: The
Two Towers at a combined price of 19.99 GBP. Unfortunately our suppliers
will only release supplies of this item at 3.99 GBP if we sell both of
these DVDs together for 19.99 GBP.

We will therefore cancel your order for The Fellowship of The Ring as a single item and your credit card will not be charged.

There have been cases in the past where products have been advertised at the wrong price, and retailers have handled it differently. Last year Kodak mistakenly offered a digital camera for £100 instead of £300, and in March this year Amazon had an iPaq on sale for £7.32 instead of £300. Kodak eventually bowed to pressure and honoured the price on the cameras, whereas Amazon did not. The difference between the two is that it was obvious that the Amazon price was a genuine mistake, whereas Kodak's could have been interpreted as a genuine offer.

Blackstar's Terms and Conditions give them a getout clause though, as they say there is no contract for the sale of the goods until they are shipped (altough whether that has been changed since is impossible to say).

Were they right to cancel the orders? Yes, probably, they seem to have the law on their side. Was it good business to cancel them? No, not really. If it had been an obvious mistake, say 50p, then I would understand it, but there was no mention on the page that it was only available at £3.99 if both films were bought at the same time, and £3.99 for a DVD isn't an obvious mistake.
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Teen Speak Used To Sell Houses

Tom Watson's teen speak seems to be spreading. This estate agent in Wales is using it in the property details for one of their houses. Whilst Tom's was obviously tongue-in-cheek, this one is just....well, embarrassing.

Sun, 09 November 2003

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Bargain Alert - Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring DVD for 99p

Get your £3 off at Blackstar voucher at Tiscali, and then order it here Blackstar: £3.99-£3.00=99p!
Have just ordered and it seemed to go through fine.

Fri, 07 November 2003

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Friday Game - Practice Being Drunk

All we need now is somewhere to practice holding a conversation without making an arse of yourself, and climbing the stairs without making a noise - Practice Being Drunk

Thu, 06 November 2003

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That Royal Scandal II - 'I Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Man'

Since the last post, Prince Charles has denied the allegations that have yet to be published. He says that the man making the allegation, presumably George Smith, is a depressed former alcoholic, and that 'the allegation is entirely untrue'. The man doth protest too much, methinks.

--UPDATE-- I'm getting a lot of people ending up here from search engines who are presumably trying to find out exactly what was supposed to have happened. I'm not going to put it here because I don't fancy being sued, but you can find the exact details here The Straits Times.
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That Royal Scandal

I must be very naive - even after the Guardian won its right to name Michael Fawcett, I still had no idea what the story he was trying to surpress was. Then I found this, which seems to confirm what people are saying on alt.gossip.royalty. Well, well - I wonder if we'll miss a step in the line of succession.
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David Blaine's Next Stunt

After boring us all by sitting in a box for 44 days, David Blaine has announced his next stunt will be the Dive of Death - jumping hundreds of feet from a helicopter into a river. Apparently 'only a few had survived the jump', so let's hope that record continues. Take that how you will.

Tue, 04 November 2003

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thedrunkensailor - Hero or Villain?

One of the most linked to pages at the moment is of a guy on ebay, thedrunkensailor, who sold a box full of Beanie Babies. His story was that his ex-wife had left them behind when she moved out, that he knew nothing about them, and that he didn't care if he only got $10 for them; the winning bid was $860. Since the original auction he's gone on to sell 'Buy the Drunken Sailor a Frost Mug' certificates of appreciation, and even has his own website.

To be fair to the guy he never claimed that the Beanie Babies were all originals, but some people were having none of it and reported him to ebay and The Trader List. Their complaints were dismissed, but it seems they might have been right after all.

In an interview with thedrunkensailor, Florida news site Sun-Sentinel is reporting that the ex-wife story was made up after all. He is actually 32 year old, happily married, Steve Kay. His wife and him had picked up the Beanie Babies over a number of years and found them when they were packing to move house. So, not quite the honest bloke he's made himself out to be then.

It's unfair to say that he is a crook who was deliberately set out to con people, but probably as equally unfair for him to say that he had no idea of their value - the guy is a regular ebay user. Whichever, it was a pretty clever way to sell a box of stuffed toys.

Mon, 03 November 2003

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Postal Strike Over

Call me cynical, but I wonder how much overtime will be involved to clear the backlog of post. According to The Guardian, the backlog is going to take two to three weeks to clear: plenty of time to earn back the money lost through striking.

Maybe it's because I work in a non-unionised industry, but this sort of action does seem to come from a past age. If you're not getting paid enough go and find a better paid job; if you can't find a better paid job then you're getting paid what you're worth. All the unions seem to do is to line the pockets of the few that run them and turn the public against their members.
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Measuring Celebrity Status

One of the common discussions on television and radio talk shows is which 'list' a celebrity falls under - are they A list, B list etc. Nowhere though is there a standard way of determining how a celeb should be categorised. Until now. To measure the status of your chosen celebrity, simpy choose the highest category where you would bother to take a photo if you saw them there (with UK celebrities as examples).

A List - Major Film Premiere
Sean Connery, Paul McCartney, Judy Dench

B List - BAFTA's Award Ceremony
Jonathan Ross, Michael Parkinson, Terry Wogan

C List - Charity Fundraiser
Ulrika Jonsson, Alan Titchmarsh, Julian Clary

D List - Opening a Village Fete
Keith Chegwin, John Craven, Christopher Biggins

E List - Tesco
Cheryl Baker, Jeremy Spake, Dean Gaffney

For example, Eamon Holmes would qualify as C List, but there's likely to be far bigger stars at the BAFTA's. I'm sure there are more categories that could be added. If you can think of any, let me know.

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