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Sun, 18 May 2008

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Humphrey Lyttelton Book - A Warning

I received an email tonight with details of a new book about Humphrey Lyttelton, presumably because of the ISIHAC quotes I have on this site. The book, Plenty of Lip, is purported to be published in December 2008 by Elius Books, and will (I quote), 'be made up of contributors who admired him and tell stories and anecdotes about his work as a trumpeter and broadcaster.'

The person behind this book, Donald Knox-Richards, published a book shortly after John Thaw's death based on the same idea, except he forgot to tell the contributors he was bankrupt and wouldn't be able to pay them. He was subsequently sentenced to 15 months in prison for fraud. He also solicited contributions for a book about John Peel shortly after his death (are you noticing a pattern here?), but it's not clear whether it was ever published.

If you're looking for a book about Humphrey Lyttelton, do yourself a favour and read his memoirs instead of an attempt to cash in on his death; if you're approached about contributing to the book then bear in mind Knox-Richards' previous.

Further information:
BBC Website reports his fraud conviction
Knox-Richards' request for John Peel contributors (4th comment)
John Thaw site (scroll halfway down the page)
A request for Humphrey Lyttelton contributors

Thu, 15 May 2008

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Brown and Darling - That's Another Fine Mess...

After the last couple of weeks, I couldn't resist. That's another fine mess...

Gordon Brown, Alistair Darling

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