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Tue, 28 December 2004

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BBC News Forgets Who Funds It

Is there a reason why the UK edition of a UK news website paid for by UK residents has currency conversions to US $ rather than GB £? For example, this story about the Asian earthquake gives the economic cost to Thailand as 20bn baht, and then helpfully gives the conversion to US$. Helpful if you live in the US that is.

This isn't part of an argument against the licence fee, as I am all for an independent BBC (and I used to display an 'I Believe In The BBC' button on here until Manic changed it to an FBI one), but it would be nice if they at least give a nod to who's paying for it.
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DAB Digital Radio PCI Card Wanted

After having a brief introduction to DAB digital radio over the Christmas holidays, I realised that if I could get it on my PC it would mean I could effectively time-shift radio programs at a half-decent quality, rather than having to rely on the BBC's piss-poor 'Listen Again' service. A bit of Googling led me to DAB Bar, a piece of software that would do exactly what I wanted. And then I hit a brick wall.

There seems to be three DAB hardware devices designed for receiving DAB on your computer - the Modular Technology PCI card, the Psion Wavefinder USB device and the Aria A-6000, none of which are now available. I was particularly interested in the PCI Card to save having wires and boxes cluttering up my desk. There aren't any on ebay and I couldn't find any retailers with one available, so if you happen to have one lying around that you don't use and want to sell, please let me know.

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