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Tue, 28 December 2004

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DAB Digital Radio PCI Card Wanted

After having a brief introduction to DAB digital radio over the Christmas holidays, I realised that if I could get it on my PC it would mean I could effectively time-shift radio programs at a half-decent quality, rather than having to rely on the BBC's piss-poor 'Listen Again' service. A bit of Googling led me to DAB Bar, a piece of software that would do exactly what I wanted. And then I hit a brick wall.

There seems to be three DAB hardware devices designed for receiving DAB on your computer - the Modular Technology PCI card, the Psion Wavefinder USB device and the Aria A-6000, none of which are now available. I was particularly interested in the PCI Card to save having wires and boxes cluttering up my desk. There aren't any on ebay and I couldn't find any retailers with one available, so if you happen to have one lying around that you don't use and want to sell, please let me know.
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Comment from Mike Scargill
In my experience this card does not work very well.
The record function never did. It would do only one at a time, & then it cocked up the PC clock, thus ruiniong the rest of the functions.
I use a DAB tuner to the sound card, and a time r record program.
Dart timer record is great & Free.
12/01/05 @ 08:20
Comment from Dave Sm ith
I'm selling a Modular Technology card on at the moment, it's got 8 days left, current going price is £12 and the auction number is 5167251443. Hope this helps. BTW, using DABBAR (the program you mentioned above) rather than the provider's player software should now cause the problems mentioned in the other guy's post.
19/02/05 @ 22:14

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