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Sat, 11 December 2004

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Free Ringtones

I recently got a new mobile phone (a Siemens S65 in case anyone's interested), so went through the annual ritual of finding a ringtone that is distinctive, but not cheesy. Since I last did this, there seems to have been a massive increase in the number of sites that offer ringtones for sale - you text a premium rate number costing up to £3, and they send you back an SMS containing the ringtone.

Is it me, or is this the biggest scam around? The message they send you contains a midi file, of which there are thousands available for free on the internet, and the cost to them of sending the message can't be any more than around 10p. The worst part is that the people most likely to use these ringtone sites are people who can least afford it - teenagers who don't know any better. If you're looking for ringtones compatible with most Nokia, Samsung, Siemens & Sony Ericsson phones, and can connect your phone to your PC, you could do worse than visit this site or just Google for 'midi files'.

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