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Fri, 14 November 2003

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Chasing Bush

Apologies to all those who arrived here via search engines looking for porn, but this is an entirely different type of bush. Chasing Bush is the new website to track George W Bush throughout his visit to the UK. To prevent protesters from following US President George Bush during his visit and spoiling his holiday, the exact details of his plans have not been released, and that is where Chasing Bush comes in. Throughout his three day stay his location, along with images of the protests, will be posted to the site, '..he can run and hide all he likes, but there will be no escape for George W. Bush.'
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Scientists Use DNA To Make A Virus - Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

I can understand the fascination with cloning and it's possible use in medicine, and I can see how genetic modification can have benefits if used carefully. However, I don't much like the look of this - scientists use DNA to make virus. This is obviously in it's infancy, but the first computer viruses were also well controlled and harmless and look how they've turned out.

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