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Thu, 06 November 2003

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David Blaine's Next Stunt

After boring us all by sitting in a box for 44 days, David Blaine has announced his next stunt will be the Dive of Death - jumping hundreds of feet from a helicopter into a river. Apparently 'only a few had survived the jump', so let's hope that record continues. Take that how you will.
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Comment from rapheal · http://hey
Please tell me how tp this trick:
Magician picks a card not showing it to the spectator.
Then he asks the spectator to say any card.
The card he says is the card the magician picked.

David how do you do this trick? Please email me back.
07/10/04 @ 23:27
Comment from David Howard
I need help with some of my card tricks.
22/11/04 @ 21:07
Comment from Nikita Fedorov
I think you are the greatest magician ever. Street magic is so cool.I can do some of your magic tricks and I think they are so cool.I bought a lot of other magic dvds and they are not as good as street magic.When I was little I wanted to be like David Copperfield but when I saw your videos I wanted to be like you and do all the magic tricks like you. YOU ARE THE GREATEST MAGICIAN IN THE WORLD.
24/02/05 @ 23:53
Comment from gary
Hello David
i hope you are well,we/i live in the UK and was wondering if there was =
any chance you could send/write a note/card or a sign photo for my =
girlfriends 32 birthday on the 18th July Ann thinks you are wonderful we =
can to lonon 3 times to see you and you wave at her and all she does is =
go on about you waving!!.it would mean so much to her and am sure it =
would make her birthday,if there is any cost please let me know.Thank =
you for you help and i hope everything goes well with your next =
trick.thanks again Gary
14/07/06 @ 11:10

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