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Mon, 03 November 2003

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Postal Strike Over

Call me cynical, but I wonder how much overtime will be involved to clear the backlog of post. According to The Guardian, the backlog is going to take two to three weeks to clear: plenty of time to earn back the money lost through striking.

Maybe it's because I work in a non-unionised industry, but this sort of action does seem to come from a past age. If you're not getting paid enough go and find a better paid job; if you can't find a better paid job then you're getting paid what you're worth. All the unions seem to do is to line the pockets of the few that run them and turn the public against their members.
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Measuring Celebrity Status

One of the common discussions on television and radio talk shows is which 'list' a celebrity falls under - are they A list, B list etc. Nowhere though is there a standard way of determining how a celeb should be categorised. Until now. To measure the status of your chosen celebrity, simpy choose the highest category where you would bother to take a photo if you saw them there (with UK celebrities as examples).

A List - Major Film Premiere
Sean Connery, Paul McCartney, Judy Dench

B List - BAFTA's Award Ceremony
Jonathan Ross, Michael Parkinson, Terry Wogan

C List - Charity Fundraiser
Ulrika Jonsson, Alan Titchmarsh, Julian Clary

D List - Opening a Village Fete
Keith Chegwin, John Craven, Christopher Biggins

E List - Tesco
Cheryl Baker, Jeremy Spake, Dean Gaffney

For example, Eamon Holmes would qualify as C List, but there's likely to be far bigger stars at the BAFTA's. I'm sure there are more categories that could be added. If you can think of any, let me know.

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