Wed, 21 June 2006

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Concorde's Last Commercial Take Off Video

Concorde taking off from Edinburgh airport bound for Heathrow on 24 October 2003.

The video was taken with a Canon S45 while standing on the boot of my car, so it's not great quality. Gallery of concorde pictures here.
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B2 Spirit Stealth Bomber Video

I've been playing with Google Video :D

The USAF displayed the B2 Spirit Stealth Bomber at the 2003 Royal International Air Tattoo, RAF Fairford, UK. It flew non-stop from its base in the US, circled the airfield once and then flew straight back. Unfortuntely it was accompanied by 2 fighters and the show decided to play background music, so you couldn't hear how silent it was, but it was still an impressive sight.

Taken with a Canon S45 so it's not great quality, but you get the idea.

Tue, 14 March 2006

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Mio A701 Review

As promised then, my initial review of the A701. Pictures to follow later this evening.

Normally I'm against companies announcing products months in advance, but in Mio's case it seems to have worked to their advantage. If I hadn't have heard about it last August I would by now have bought a separate PDA and bluetooth GPS unit. After 7 months wait though, I finally have an A701.

Mio A701

=> Read more!

Sun, 06 November 2005

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Guitar Man Tab - Elvis Presley / Jerry Reed

Despite being one of the most famous guitar intros around, I hadn't been able to find a tab of Guitar Man anywhere, so there was only one thing for it - do some work myself for a change.

The Elvis version uses a standard dropped D tuning and the Jerry Reed one has the whole guitar then tuned down a semitone. I think it's pretty accurate, but this is my first attempt at tabbing so let me know if you think there's any mistakes.




Your thumb hits the low D string on every beat, use your 2nd and 3rd fingers to play the E & B strings, and your 1st finger the higher D. Easy!!! The chords to the rest of the song is standard 12 bar blues in D, and I'll let some other brave soul tab out the solo.

Tue, 27 September 2005

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Bush Joke

During a meeting with his advisors at the The White House, George Bush is told that 'two Brazilian soldiers had been killed in an incident.'

George looks shaken and then bursts into tears. A little taken back by the sudden emotional outburst, Dick Cheney says 'Mr. President. Are you OK?'

The President, drying his eyes, looks up and says to Dick Cheney, 'That's terrible news. How many is a Brazilian again?'

Sun, 18 September 2005

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iPod nano Review

Ok, I've succumbed. After 3 years of saying I'd never buy an iPod because you just pay for the name, the iPod nano looked too tempting to pass up. The size, capacity and price all beat the competition by a country mile.

My conclusion - a good player, but not a great player. Let down by average sound quality, no remote and only being able to charge it using the USB port.

You'll find the full iPod nano review here, and I've also put up an iPod nano photo gallery.

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