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Tue, 27 September 2005

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Bush Joke

During a meeting with his advisors at the The White House, George Bush is told that 'two Brazilian soldiers had been killed in an incident.'

George looks shaken and then bursts into tears. A little taken back by the sudden emotional outburst, Dick Cheney says 'Mr. President. Are you OK?'

The President, drying his eyes, looks up and says to Dick Cheney, 'That's terrible news. How many is a Brazilian again?'

Sun, 18 September 2005

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iPod nano Review

Ok, I've succumbed. After 3 years of saying I'd never buy an iPod because you just pay for the name, the iPod nano looked too tempting to pass up. The size, capacity and price all beat the competition by a country mile.

My conclusion - a good player, but not a great player. Let down by average sound quality, no remote and only being able to charge it using the USB port.

You'll find the full iPod nano review here, and I've also put up an iPod nano photo gallery.

Mon, 12 September 2005

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PlusNet - More Incompetence

I received an email from PlusNet on the 27 August telling me officially that the terms and conditions were officially changing and that if I did not wish to accept the new terms to contact them. I did so and, as they had to let people migrate with no notice because of the change, I requested my MAC key. My ADSL was migrated to Freedom2surf last Friday (who I am very happy with), and to be on the safe side I cancelled my PlusNet direct debit.

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