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Wed, 24 August 2005

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PlusNet - How Not To Run A Broadband ISP

Maybe problems follow me about, or perhaps I'm just really bad at picking an ISP, but after my problems at Virgin I thought I'd made a good choice by migrating to PlusNet. Wrong!! At the time I moved they had a good reputation, with customers who sang their praises.

It's amazing how quickly an ISP can throw away that goodwill. If you would like to follow a similar business model, here's how:

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Mon, 15 August 2005

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Speed Camera Map

For anyone who's ever been flashed by a speed camera they didn't know about, or for those who want to avoid it (is there anyone that doesn't!?), I've made a new tool - a UK speed camera map. It uses the safety camera database from Pocket GPS World overlayed on to a Google Map using the API.

Of course, we all know that speed cameras are only sited in areas that are accident blackspots, so rather than avoiding speeding fines and points on your licence it is designed to help you avoid accidents.

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