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Sun, 18 September 2005

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iPod nano Review

Ok, I've succumbed. After 3 years of saying I'd never buy an iPod because you just pay for the name, the iPod nano looked too tempting to pass up. The size, capacity and price all beat the competition by a country mile.

My conclusion - a good player, but not a great player. Let down by average sound quality, no remote and only being able to charge it using the USB port.

You'll find the full iPod nano review here, and I've also put up an iPod nano photo gallery.
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Comment from creative zen
The iPod is a cool gadget, but when you think about it's really just a really, really great walkman on steroids. :-)
01/11/05 @ 04:19
Comment from Chloe The Great
I have an iPod nano and hae found that the scratch rumours are not true for me! If you use nano tubes and the slip cover which came in the box, you have more chance of your ipod staying clean and scratch free! Hey, it worked for me!
30/12/05 @ 17:44
Comment from steve higgins
ipods or at least the nano i have SUCKS!!! i absolutely hate it and i no more than half the people that have them hate them 2, they almost feel like there suposed to break, i mean it came around to christmas and i was like wut do i want .... well i could use a new mp3 player since mine almost broke, and it only holds 30 songs so its not that good to me any more, so 1 one 2 of the relly rich ppl at my school had them and i tried it for a lil bit and i said thats awasome i wanna get one and they said dont get it they suck i didnt relly tell listen to them cause i had no problems with it then so i kept wishin for one for christmas then i finally got it THE IPOD NANO!!!! YES I FINALY GOT IT yea christmas day so happy so i go install it everythings fine 2 to 3 months later it froze i said o thats only once next day it froze so i got a little ticked off i noticed i was also chargeing it a lot more and listening to it less so i said o great batery is starting to go bad and now i only get 1 to 2 hours outta it now i havent even had it for 1 wimpy year so if you wanna spend $200-$500 on a spupid thing that dosent even work go ahead i dont care mines not even working right about now probably while your reading this
08/04/06 @ 02:05

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