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Thu, 09 September 2004

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MP3 Player Reviews - T-Mate Premium (MAH-610)

My MP3 player woes continue. After my problems with the iRiver IFP-790, I received the 1GB T-Mate Premium (also known as the M-Any DAH-610 or the Mobiblu DAH-610) yesterday. The only reviews I was able to find were those on the website, and they were almost all positive so it seemed a fairly safe bet. I'll post a full review in a few days, but suffice to say, it's going back too.

T-Mate Premium

The player is very small and seems fairly sturdy. Although the buttons are quite fiddly, they're not too difficult to press. I wouldn't give the rubber USB port cover too long before it breaks though.

You get all the usual accessories with the T-Mate and this player also comes with an in-line (non-lcd) remote control. The first thing that you should do is throw away the headphones and buy some decent ones, as the supplied ones are dreadful. It makes you wonder what the manufacturers are thinking supplying such crappy headphones with a £170 player.

Not exactly what you'd call intuitive, in fact the exact opposite. This isn't really a problem to me, as it's just a case of getting used to them.

FM Radio
This is the first major problem with this player - the radio reception is non-existent. I have a cheap £10 radio that can pick up all the BBC local stations without any problems. The T-Mate struggles to pick up anything, and when it does find something it's unlistenable. The FM radio was one of the reasons I chose this player over others so this is a problem to me.

Sound Quality
I could put up with any of the other problems if the sound quality is any good - unfortunately it doesn't redeem itself. As I mentioned, the supplied headphones are useless, but even with a decent pair there is very little improvement. The specs say the frequency range is 20-20000 Hz, and if that is the case it's certainly not even across the range, there is a distinct lack of bass or high frequencies. Consequently, the player sounds very tinny, with too much 'middle', and even though there is a 5 band equalizer, adjusting it didn't improve the quality.

15 years ago I had a middle of the range (£50ish) Panasonic walkman that had fantastic sound quality. I find it unbelievable that it's proving so difficult to find an MP3 player with comparable sound quality today.
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