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Sat, 03 July 2004

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iRiver iFP-790 Review

I took the plunge a couple of weeks ago and bought one of the iRiver 700 Series, the iFP-790 from Ebuyer, total price £120.

Based on reviews and user comments it seemed to offer the most features for the price and have good sound quality. After using it for a fortnight I beg to differ:

Problem 1 - USB Device Not Recognized By PC
After installing the software that comes with the iFP-790, I followed the instructions and connected it via a USB port. After a couple of seconds my PC displayed a message 'The installation failed because a function driver was not specified for this device instance'. I tried following the instructions on the iRiver website, which involved trying to install the drivers via Device Manager, but could not get it to work. I emailed iRiver support and received the exact same instructions that are on the website - very useful! Eventually I found this post on the iRiver forum about problems with USB1.1 ports. I tried connecting the player to my PC at the office and it worked first time. I upgraded the firmware to version 1.14 which specifically mentioned a fix for USB connection problems - this time it worked on my home PC. How bad must their testing be for this kind of bug to go out on a product? I was lucky that I had access to another PC. It seems from comments on the forum that the problem isn't only limited to USB1.1 ports - people are also having difficulties connecting to USB2.0 ports. You pays your money, you takes your chance.

Problem 2 - Limited Ogg Support
I particularly wanted Ogg support due to it's superior sound quality at higher compression rates. Despite having Ogg support advertised on the packaging, there is no mention that it only supports Ogg tracks with an average bitrate above 96Kbps. As this player only has 256MB of memory this immediately reduced the number of tracks I'm able to store.

Problem 3 - Loud Background Hiss
When I first listened to the player in an almost silent environment, I could here a very noticeable background hiss. This is not background noise on the tracks themselves, as the hiss is audible as soon as the player is switched on, with nothing playing. So I did some digging. Today I found these posts on Mistic River, and the iRiver community forum. To summarise, they are recalling all iFP-700 series and iFP-800 series in Korea because of this exact problem. However, they are not doing the same elsewhere. If there is a known problem they should be recalling them all to be fixed, replaced, repaired or refunded. Anything less and they are knowingly selling a faulty product.

As far as I can gather from the forum posts, these problems exist on all IFP-700 series players, the IFP-780, IFP-790, IFP-795 & IFP-799, as well as the iFP-800 series, the iFP-880, iFP-890, iFP-895 & iFP-899 which differ only cosmetically.

Perhaps 'review' was the wrong word to choose for this, maybe rant would have been better. There are postitives, battery life and the ability to set a timer to record FM, for example. But when it's primary function is to play uploaded tracks, and you have problems connecting and a persistent background hiss, then no amount of positives out-weigh this. If you're willing to risk it not connecting to your USB port, won't be using Ogg files and can tolerate a loud background hiss, then I recommend this player. Otherwise avoid.

**UPDATE 13/07/2004**
Ebuyer accepted it as a return, and after testing they agreed that it was faulty and refunded the price. At least it wasn't just me being over sensitive. Knowing what I know now about the Ogg limitations, if I could be sure that there wouldn't be the background hiss I would still buy the 512MB model. The trouble is, I wouldn't trust buying one by mail order now, and haven't seen any in high street shops.

**UPDATE 22/10/2004**
As the most recent comments from other people on this post have been mostly positive, I took the plunge and bought an IFP-895 yesterday. And the verdict is.... thumbs up. There is still a very, very slight background hiss, but far less than the IFP-790 I had and it's really not noticeable. For those who are interested, I bought it from Overclockers for the bargain price of £129 including VAT and delivery (the lowest Advanced MP3 Players would go was £149), it's the European model rather than the US one that came from Ebuyer (different packaging and loaded with the EU firmware) and the firmware version is 1.21.
iRiver iFP-790
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Comment from George Jackson
My iFP-799 does not have any sort of background noise that I've been able to hear, I've fiddled with it to try to duplicate the problems others have reported and found nothing.

Nor did it cause me any difficulty when connecting to my computer.

This makes me happy, as evidently I'm lucky, judging from the unhappy comments of others. Just be aware that the problematic iRiver players are a percentage of the whole and not every single one.
05/07/04 @ 08:37
Comment from Jimmy Jam
My 790 aint that bad, powerful sound for a small thing. Sure I can hear the hiss when the volume is at 0, but hey who puts their player on 0 to hear hissing anyway? As soon as the volume hits about 5, the hiss is no longer audible, well to me anyway, others may have a different opinion, or less wax in their ears.
08/07/04 @ 13:39
Comment from Stuart ·
Depends on the type of music you listen to Jimmy. If you listen to rock or dance music where there is constant 'sound', then you probably wouldn't notice it. However, if your music contains quieter moments, or you listen to speech, then it is definitely audible.
09/07/04 @ 00:00
Comment from flip - new iriver convert
I'm a bit puzzled by these comments -
if you are an audiophile and can't
stand white noise why on earth would you
compress oggs below 96 kbps? It
just introduces lots of artifacts.
128 kbps is perfectly reasonable and still gives significant file size reduction over mp3.
The white noise is there but only at
very low volumes (
09/07/04 @ 11:40
Comment from flip - new iriver convert
my message got cut off! the rest is:

The white noise is there but only at very low volumes, lower than 5. I haven't found this interferes with listening at all. My machine came with 1.14 so I've had no connecting problems. I really like it.
09/07/04 @ 12:10
Comment from Stuart ·
I don't agree with your comment about Ogg introducing artifacts at 96 kbps, but it's very subjective, so your mileage may vary. I tested by converting Monkey's Audio files to a variety of different formats and bit rates using dbPowerAmp music convertor. I found that a 96 kbps Ogg was as good as a 128 kbps MP3, and that Ogg & wmv were virtually indistinguishable at that bit rate. Given the choice I'd listen to a lossless format, but obviously on a 256MB player that's not possible!
09/07/04 @ 19:04
Comment from Stuart ·
I'll also add that there's no excuse for there to be *any* noise when the player is just switched on, whether it's annoying to some people or not.
10/07/04 @ 06:56
Comment from Richard Harris
I too have an ifp795 with a hiss. I lay in bed listening to audio books and the hiss os bloody fustrating from a £200 piece of kit (I'm in the UK). The company I purchased from have agreed a refund and now I just have to decide if I want to risk trying another 700 series or try the 1000. Or even go backward fo the 300's (I like the AA battery factor). Hmmmmm ?
14/07/04 @ 20:36
Comment from Raymond
I just got an iRiver 880 from BestBuy. I also noticed the background hiss. The hiss is slightly more than other equipments that I connect my headphone to, hence I noticed it immediately. If you turn up the volume, the hiss will disappear into the music. This is probably poor engineering/cost cutting/poor manufacturing on iRiver's part. I can also hear something funky when audio is being written to the disk, like when you save a voice recording. It seems like some kind of interference when the cpu/memory is very busy it generates some kind of noise. This is all with the bundled headphone.

They probably can get away with this because most users don't really care (or don't know :) much about song quality when they use mp3 equpiment, as such, the unit is engineered with feature in mind, and audio quality is probably not on the top of the list. Being a $150 equipment, I would expected something slightly better. My Sony MD player generates significantly less hiss when idling. Since this is my first mp3 player, I don't have much to compare against, so I am comparing against my other audio stuff.

I am interested to know if this is only on the 700/800 series. Does the 300 series have this problem? 100 series? Too bad the 100 series does not seem to support Chinese.
16/07/04 @ 02:16
Comment from Markus
In your review you write "... only supports Ogg tracks with an average bitrate *above* 96Kbps". Do tracks encoded with 96.0 Kbps work, or does it really have to be 96.1 Kbps?
17/07/04 @ 15:13
Comment from Stuart ·
Markus, no, 96 Kbps won't work. As Ogg uses variable bit rates, if you encode at 96 then there will be parts that go below, so the player will reject them. The lowest I found you could encode was 112.
17/07/04 @ 20:03
Comment from Stan
I recently purchased an ifp-799 which has been nothing short of excellent.

In response to the issues;
1) White noise; not something I would have picked up on if someone hadn't raised it. Undetectable while my music is playing and only noticeable when I'm in a completely silent environment with the device not playing music, which is a very rare scenario for me!

2)Ogg support; The limited support is advertised in the product description on i-river's website and on on-line retailers sites and talked about in quite some detail in reviews and discussion forums. Research is the key for any mp3 player; it is after all a young technology and there is not a single player out there without any issues.

3)Trouble connecting; this is why I never buy any electronic device in the first two months of release. Get a chance to see if anyone suffers issues and then wait for the firm to sort out appropriate solutions.The current v1.14 firmware solves the connecting crisis.
28/07/04 @ 14:54
Comment from Dave B.
The tip to upgrade the firmware to version 1.14 now lets me to also use an older Wind98SE PC with USB1.1 as well as XP, I found the firmware at

I measured the S/N ratio on my recent IFP-790, using a Behringer DEQ2496 RTA, and
played a digitally silent MP3 and measured -75 dB "noise" below peak level, about the same as a good tape deck with Dobly B.

Some noise artifacts could be heard even when playing back known good CD tracks encoded with a quality 128Kbps MP3 encoder, resulting in some listening fatique with headphones after a while.

My regular rock and alternate country artists sound great because the sound artifacts get buried in the beat so I'm not too disappointed!

01/08/04 @ 02:45
Comment from Chris Smith
I note that this forum has a number of people who have tested their iRiver 700 series devices carefully, with test equipment even!

One factor not mentioned at all by iRiver is the frequency response while *recording*, either from line-in or from external mike. We're trying to figure out if this device would work for field recordings, but the frequency response is a critical factor.

In a carefully thought out device, the top end recording response will go up as the bitrate is raised. Since the device records from 8kb/s through to 320kb/s, this might also be a factor.
24/08/04 @ 06:17
Comment from Ding
My new 799 just arrived and I was so excited when I got it. It has version 1.15 loaded and I have had no problems loading songs.

It does have white noise still. I've tried it with 3 different headphones and I can notice it on all. It's worse on the headphones that come with the player, probably because it sits closer to the ear. It does get very tiring like someone said earlier. I then compared it to my friends RCA Lyra, which has a barely noticible white noise.

The 799 is otherwise a great player. I'm going to see if iRiver or eCost will do anything about this. I'm no audiophile, but this is pretty unacceptible for the price. I could have got a iPod for cheaper.
01/09/04 @ 23:44
Comment from Dave B.
I was also curious about using the iFP790 as a backup device for field recording, I
plug my unit in series with my headphones, use a line record level of 38 on the iFP-790 and check for no heard intermod distortion on the diasy chained headphones.

NOTE the iRiver earbuds are absolute junk, terrible freq response and for some odd reason some hiss? MUCH better performance with AKG or bterr Panasonics.

I tested my iFP-790 to see
if it can be used for field recordings, the tested US iFP-790 model had a 04.04.19 date code on the inside of the battery case, running firmware version 1.14

Test playback of a 128K 44.1 Khz MP3 with 1kHz/4Khz dual test tone showed -60dB intermod distortion and -80dB S/N ratio. No hiss could be heard with decent headphones.

Pink Noise test was done via line in (at level 38), 192K recording mode Spectral analysis on recorded MP3 showed flat response (+/-3dB) to 16kHz then a -60dB brick wall. The iFP-790 line in works best with driven by a quality low impedance headphone out.

My normal field recording are live mixdowns to stereo and digitized with a Behringer 2496 Ultra Curve Pro running it's digital optical output into a digital WAV file recorder and the iFP-790 runs as the backup unit on headphone out

06/09/04 @ 04:43
Comment from sv taylor
I recently purchased an iFP-799. I do not have a problem with white noise but from time to time there is a brief "scratch" sound like static during play back. It occurs at the same places in the recording each time I listen to a song. I am using Windows Media Player to rip my CD's at the highest bit rate and then I use the iRiver Manager software to transfer the files to the iFP-799. Any suggestions?
06/09/04 @ 06:32
Comment from sv taylor
Follow-up to my comment dated 9/6/04: I have traced the static-like scratch sound to the CD's themselves. Think I'll try getting a cleaner for them.
08/09/04 @ 04:47
Comment from Stacy
The 790 rocks. Ignore this review.
09/09/04 @ 19:16
Comment from stuart ·
I quite agree Stacy, the 790 does rock. Unfortunately, it also hisses.
09/09/04 @ 21:46
Comment from Weasel
Looking to pick up one of these as a birthday gift for someone, and I have a question that none of the review sites addresses. He likes to download radio plays (in which context, I don't think hiss is going to bother him), but it's really important that he be able to skip ahead on an MP3 file, by a minute increment or something -- if you're listening to an hour long play, and you get interrupted and go back to it next day, you don't want to have to start over from scratch. Will this player do that? Will any portable player do that?
10/09/04 @ 17:30
Comment from Aspart
Yes, iriver players -nearly all of them- have resume feature. They resume from where you left playing. You can also turn that option off.
13/09/04 @ 16:48
Comment from Ramki
Hi Folks. My iRiver (890) just arrived and I already need some help from you more experienced people. I think my ears are normal in shape and size, but the ear-bud speakers keep falling off, or they hurt if I squeeze them inside. Fortunately I had taken insurance and ordered the wrap-around headphones as well. But the problem with these is they press my ears and they inturn press on the stem of my glasses (spectacles), and it hurts. Any suggestions? Thanks.
28/09/04 @ 09:19
Comment from Terry
Plastic surgery mate
28/09/04 @ 12:30
Comment from Fran
Alternatively, painkillers would be a cheaper option.
29/09/04 @ 00:07
Comment from Harris
The 700 series now has UMS (hard drive) capability. Yippeeeeeeee!
01/10/04 @ 01:39
Comment from Pete
My ifp-790 does work and has no hiss. I bought it last week. it's 790t, if that makes any difference.
04/10/04 @ 15:58
Comment from Marco
The 700 series and 800 series now are UMS, but noti in w98. And the recording was limited to only 96 kbps...
Please, to all the owner of some ifp 800-700 series unity, write:
Date of purcase:

09/10/04 @ 12:00
Comment from Jonah
Where can we get the UMS driver for the IFP-790?
13/10/04 @ 01:23
Comment from Lomu
Jonah, you can get the UMS firmware from the Iriver international website.
15/10/04 @ 00:49
Comment from Dave B.

If you are using the your iFP 700 series to do live recording, you will be limited to 96K MP3 quality after the upgrade. Why they cut back from 256K beats me!
17/10/04 @ 04:33
Comment from Dave B.
That would be when upgrading to Firmwware 1.26a for UMS support, when the live recording quality has been cut back to 96K MP3 from 256K MP3
17/10/04 @ 04:36
Comment from Torben
Almost didn't buy this player because of page, but I tried it and I can't say that I've had any of the problems described. No I'm not from iRiver.

I tried the ipf790 into a variety of headphones and did NOT hear any of the noise described - just beautiful, punchy sound. No problems with USB either.

I'm not denying your troubles, but it seems iRiver has fixed them by now. I've tried several flash players, and I have to say that this one blows the competition away on all points. That's not an easy compliment either - I've owned tons of portables over the years (even MD) and I've made a living working with sound equipment for over a decade.

If you're a serious music junkie lookin' fo' da flash 'thang' - iRiver be it. And while you're at it, get the 1 GB model. And no you can't bootleg with an iPod.
21/10/04 @ 17:45
Comment from Stuart ·
Funny you should post this today Torben, as I've just ordered an IFP-895. Most of the recent comments have been positive, so it does seem as if they may have fixed the problem. I'll report back when I've tried it.

If anyone's interested, have the IFP-895 for £129 including VAT and delivery. I tried a pricematch with, but the lowest they would go was £149.
21/10/04 @ 19:39
Comment from Stuart ·
And the verdict is.... thumbs up. There is still a very, very slight background hiss, but far less than the IFP-790 I had and it's really not noticeable. For those who are interested, it's the European model rather than the US one that came from Ebuyer (different packaging and loaded with the EU firmware) and the firmware version is 1.21. I've also added this to the main post.
22/10/04 @ 17:30
Comment from Torben
Glad to hear things worked out Stuart.

As for Ogg, does your player support average bitrates down to 64 kbps? Haven't tried it on my 790 yet with the 1.25 firmware, but I'll be pretty miffed if it doesn't.

On another point, there's growing concern over the 790 rebooting with VBR Mp3's that average around 192 kbps. The EQ setting must be on 'normal' for this to happen. This is happening for a LOT of people with the 1.25 f/w.

Hey Stuart - mind if we use this fine site of yours to continue to put the heat on iRiver to fix the low ogg bitrate support and reboot problems?

Just looking to have the best mp3 player around...
23/10/04 @ 19:56
Comment from Stuart ·
I haven't tried low bitrate Oggs - I use WMA for low bitrate tracks; FLAC for lossless on my PC, but I find WMA slightly better around 112kbps and it's quicker to convert. I have read about the reboot problem, but again, I don't use files that would trigger it.

As for using this site, feel free, but they don't listen to their own forum so why they would take any notice of this...
23/10/04 @ 21:04
Comment from DylTom
I got my ifp-799 today. there are not any problems at all. The voice is cristal clear at any volume or kind of music; the usb works really fast and i don't care if the player is seen as hdd or not. The headphones are great. Only the armband is useless for me. I don't jog. I only ride a bike. I hope my new toy will last longer than the previous one(Beatman - but it got crashed during one unfortunate fall).
28/10/04 @ 21:58
Comment from Raichea
Just a heads up... Amazon in the UK ( are offering the iFP-899 and iFP-799 at £159 with 0 shipping charge.
31/10/04 @ 23:03
Comment from catseye
Just bought iFP-799 from Shop. £149.99 delivered. No problems at all. Infact, a fantastic piece of engineering. Great sound, looks and easy to use. Must be the best flash MP3 player available at the mo!
03/11/04 @ 19:46
Comment from Raichea
Well, got my iFP-899 from (£159 delivered, as I mentioned above). Only the very faintest of hisses without music playing - so low I have to convince myself I can hear it - not a problem. I do have the reboot issue (that the 799 is said to have) with 192kbps (approx.) VBR MP3- this is running firmware 1.25. Switching away from Normal EQ does appear to fix it.
03/11/04 @ 20:45
Comment from Chris
Help - I'm just a beginner....
I've just bought an IFP795 and can't play tracks extracted from a cd. I get the message 'ogg format not supported'. Have I done something wrong????
Any advice welcome....
04/11/04 @ 22:30
Comment from John
I'm thinking of buying the 799 but just read on Iriver's site that the UMS firmware upgrade to make the device recognized as an external drive isn't available for 700 & 800 models?

Why do you think this is so?

I think I'd like to have this option as I don't like proprietary software.

Thanks for any feedback.
09/11/04 @ 20:47
Comment from Adam
Hi, I'm before buying one of the iriver ifp products. I'm very happy to find this site, because untill this time i've only heard good things about iriver. Please let me know whether buying a product from 700 os 800 series is a good choice or not. And wich can you prefer? I think i would be very angry if i could hear something bothering noise in the background. What is this hiss or white noise exactly? I want to buy this product in the states or in Germany and i live in Hungary so it would be very hard thing to send it back if it isn't good for me. (someone would bring it to me)
Thanks, Adam

sorry for the mistakes my english is on a low level presently
13/11/04 @ 16:54
Comment from Raichea
How do you update the FM station information when the UMS firmware has been flashed? If Manager won't talk to the player, have iRiver changed the format of the radio data file so you can simply set the station info?

Comment for Adam: I don't know whether I've just been lucky, but my iFP-899 doesn't have a noise problem. As I said above, I *think* I can just about hear some hiss when nothing is playing, but the level is so low, it might as well not be there.
14/11/04 @ 18:22
Comment from Adam
Comment for Raichea:
Thanks to your qick reply. Well, maybe this hiss isn't so bothering that I thought first. I think that will be the best solution if I try it in a shop before I buy it. Thanks!
14/11/04 @ 20:43
Comment from Randy
Hi Folks, Stuart even if ifps don't rock, your review page does. i have to order while I am in India on project and friends are bringing it in. Just one question , how is 795t and 895 different from each other it just the looks ?

please reply soon as I have to tell them which one to buy. thanks
19/11/04 @ 14:22
Comment from Stuart
Randy, yes, the difference is only cosmetic - inside they're both the same player with identical specs.
19/11/04 @ 15:25
Comment from adamahom
Hi to all,
I just got an iRiver 895(512mb).
(4 dayes ago)
1)first, I record my voice by Built in Mic then listen to it, the recorded voice have a very noticeable background noise.

it is very very bad!

2)Also, The recorded voices which they record in 160kps, have a "Tick Tick" background sound.
this is very bad!

3)Now,I said to vendor mp3 player this problems , then They got my ifp-895 and said to me "We must be
test it" .
util now, I don't recive any messages from them or my money.

Please let me know about ifp-895
and my ifp problems.Thanks
23/11/04 @ 12:26
Comment from Ian
My 790 hisses VERY quietly, but I have played around with different headphones and that can help a great deal.

The E2C hisses quite nicely, but not bad. Senheiser px200 - not at all but the sound isn't as good as the E2C. BeyerDynamic DTX900 - good quality and no hiss although they're too big to wear in public!!

Experimenting with headphones is the answer.
24/11/04 @ 18:03
Comment from Andrew
Hi, Im thinking of buying a iRiver 895 512MB player and i was wondering could I use an external microphone through the line in conection because i work in a radio station and need it for recording interviews. I hope someone can help me here thanks
26/11/04 @ 19:13
Comment from Greg
Hey, this is a great page. I just bought the IFP-790 and it seems to be working fine. I am trying to here the hiss, but it must be really low. Maybe things have improved. I use mp3 160, so maybe at this rate your don't hear hiss? I tried mp3 128, but I noticed a loss of treble fidelity.

It would be nice if it would be recognized as a drive (I would like to try the sync stuff in Windows media), but the software if pretty straight forward. The arm band is bizarre LOL, but I use the case.

I have been storing phone numbers in a directory. I just create a tiny little mp3 and name it the person's name and phone number. LOL. Corny, but it works.

I would have to say this: The sound is fantastic! I had a curtis, but it sounded so stark. I took it back and got this one and the sound was hugh and full. I guess thats what its all about (plug it into my car with a cassett adapter).

Thanks, I'll keep checking back on this page. :)

26/11/04 @ 20:18
Comment from raichea
My iFP-899 has a setting to switch the line-in socket to microphone instead of line-in - all the 800 (and 700?) series have this, I believe. I've tried using a mic and (from limited testing) the results were very good.
30/11/04 @ 10:03
Comment from Greg
The UMS driver has been posted on the iriver global site.

It works great!
30/11/04 @ 13:33
Comment from adamahom · http://ifp 895 recorder
dear Raichea, hi
Please tell me know about recorded voices by your ifp.
My ifp-895 have a background noise for recorded voices.
If it is possible for you, please at a clear rooom(withot any sound and voice) record a silent (pree rec buttom for 10 sec.) then please listen it at a clear room (silent) at 30 volume level.
Please tell me know about it's quality and noise.
[email protected]
30/11/04 @ 15:27
Comment from Raichea
Yes - I get background noise... but 30 seems very loud for a listening level. For voice recording, try without AGC on - when this is on, it will boost the background noise I suspect.
03/12/04 @ 20:09
Comment from adamahom
Thanks Raichea,
Excuse me for trouble to you,
I try it, but I can hear a sound same noise zzzzoooozzzeeeeoooo.
I like know about your ifp results for this tests.

04/12/04 @ 07:56
Comment from Slavo
Hi, I have the same problem on my 899T as Adamahon. I can hear very loud electronic noise on background of voice recording (mono, 96kbps). I use 1.28b UMS firmware. Is this a known issue, or do I have a faulty piece ? Thanks.
05/12/04 @ 09:43
Comment from Raichea
I haven't done extensive testing, but there is some kind of electronic noise. My guess is that there is little or no shielding around the microphone circuit and it's picking up some noise from the display circuitry.

I don't expect the voice recorder to be exceptional - it's just a useful function if I need to grab something quickly.

I haven't done a lot of line-in either, but I don't recall hearing noise on that.
05/12/04 @ 12:07
Comment from Johannes
Hi folks, bought the ifp790 a few weeks ago.
Really love the full sound (also hear the zzoozzzeeeoo-sound sometimes and a little click between the tracks, but that's not really annoying).

The real problem I have is the tuner. is it only my player or is the tuner really that bad in general? don't know why, but sometimes i got a channel really clear, and when i turn around just a few degrees there's nothing but rustling, even if i'm standing next to the radio station.

Also hate the 96kbps recording limit in the UMS versions, does anyone know what this rubbish is good for? changed back to 1.25 non-UMS :(.
22/12/04 @ 11:06
Comment from Dave B.
I wonder why iRiver limited the live encoding rate to 96Kbps in the UMS version? I too had to go back the non-UMS 1.25, I use the iFP790 at 320kbps-MP3 all the time off my mixer outs and the only cleanup is a 7.9Khz notch filter to make a pretty darned good archival concert recording!!
28/12/04 @ 17:16
Comment from Rick
Does anybody know where I can get older versions of the firmware? I just got my 790 a couple days ago and it came loaded with v. 1.21, and I want to be able to change back if I upgrade to a newer version and then don't like it(especially if I want to record at more than 96 kbps).
30/12/04 @ 17:54
Comment from Dave B.


Why? Because only the older firmware will line record at 320k

For older firmware go to

On "search a category" select

"Firmware and Driver"

DON'T pick anything on "Select a Product", get the list of all their firmware releases.

Scroll down and find iFP780 version 1.25, this is the last firmware that supported 320k MP3 encoding.

I did downgrade my player from the UMS version back to version 1.25
You do this by putting the firmware HEX file on in the UMS enabled player's root directory and select firmware upgrade from the player's menu.

After you downgrade you then must use the iRiver Manager to access the player. I am using version 3.08 since you will no longer see the player as a drive letter!!!
31/12/04 @ 19:12
Comment from Jack
Is there anyone whos knows if any cracked version of IRM exsist?

Im looking for a version that you actually could copy your 320Kbps recordings to your computer.

That would be nice, huh?
04/01/05 @ 11:34
Comment from Johannes
Don't know,
but it would be much nicer if there's any way to crack the hex files containing the firmware to enable the UMS versions to do 320kbps recordings.
But I don't know how to do that or what you can do then if the installation fails, there is certainly no more guaranty on the product and I don't know how to reinstall firmware if there's no working system installed on the player (by the way, does anyone know how to do this, in case something happens with the software? *hmhm*)
04/01/05 @ 20:37
Comment from Christian

Ot... Wonder if anyone could shed some light on how iriver is supposed to be pronounciated correctly. Is it iriver(an i with the watery thing that runs through the countryside) or irajver.

10/01/05 @ 18:31
Comment from Neil
I'm looking at buying an iriver Ifp 880 or 780 and have a small external mic that I have been using with a mini disc player that plugs straight into a mic input. I'm a musician and i use this method to record early song ideas and the recording quality is great for what it is. I was wondering if anyone could let me know whether i would be able to record vocals and acoustic guitar in this way on the iriver and if the quality of the recording would be any good. if anyone can answer this if they could do soon that would be great cos I'm looking to buy soon.
25/01/05 @ 13:03
Comment from Greg · http://Voice Recording
Hi Neil,

Thats what I do now. Is great to carry around and record ideas you are having.

26/01/05 @ 20:50
Comment from Joe
I am about ready to purchase a iriver ifp 790 and low and behold I come across this site, which has filled my head with some reasonable doubt. As has previously been mentioned, I'm a musician also and am glad to hear that the iriver can record musical ideas pretty well. However, is that with an external microphone, or with the internal one? I'm also a student and like to record my lectures (I don't want to have to use an external microphone for this). How does the iriver do when recording classroom lectures?

Also, is there a way to upload recordings from the player to the computer? I would hope there would be some way to accomplish this. My sister has a sandisk, which is an altogether mediocre player, but it is able to transfer voice recordings (which are terrible by the way) to a computer. Any info would be greatly appreciated, seeing as I'm probably going to buy one any day now.

31/01/05 @ 05:17
Comment from Neil
Cheers for letting me know greg.
I will definately be looking to buy one now.
31/01/05 @ 12:49
Comment from greg
It has a great mic. The only drag, is when you press record and move it around in your hand, or when you put it down, it makes a lot of noise. But, once it's setup, it records really well. Also, it has an auto-gain feature. So when the source gets softer, it pushes up the gain automatically. It records as mp3 and you just copy it over to your computer when you hook it up (I use the latest UMS drivers).
01/02/05 @ 11:41
Comment from Joe
Thanks for letting me know Greg. I'm definitely going to purchase one very soon.
01/02/05 @ 18:12
Comment from Bob
Anybody know if it is possible to use the treble/bass or EQ in the 700 series player.

The option is available in other players so I was wondering if there is any 3rd party firmware out there.
06/02/05 @ 19:07
Comment from Zlayo
I just bought IFP-790 and it has none of the problems mentioned here.
Well there is a bit of white noise, but nothing you could hear while listening at normal levels.....
Well, to be true, player is wonderful!!!!
Sorry for my english,I'm from Croatia!!
08/02/05 @ 19:21
Comment from greg
Tons of eq functionality ... preset and custom settings you can setup.
09/02/05 @ 01:33
Comment from Joe
I just got a ifp 790 and love it! Paid $105.00 for it--brand new! That's the cheapest price I've yet seen. However, I'm having problems with the Music Manager. It's ver. 3.14, but it's incredibly slow. I'm going to download the latest version off the iriver website, seeing as the version on the cd might be faulty. Hopefully this will rectify the problem.

It totally blows that the UMS firmware doesn't allow recording past 96 kbs. What is up with that? Does anyone know if there will be any new firmware available in the near future that will fix this problem?
09/02/05 @ 04:53
Comment from greg
Sheesh.. thats dirt cheap! I paid 200 Canadian before taxes (before christmas).

96 still sounds really good. UMS is so convenient. The only thing I miss from the music manager is the ability to edit and organize your FM stations ... other than that, it is very convenient to just hook up and drag stuff into the i-river. Too bad it doesn't support apples aac.
09/02/05 @ 11:49
Comment from Zlayo
I bought IFP790, and after a few hours changed my firmware to UMS,cause iRiver manager is total crap. UMS seemed excellent, but then question came... First of all, why is transfer speed lower ?! OK, next.. I cant preset my stations on my comp... After that, voice/tuner/line recording is limited to 94kbps! What the f*ck?! And, definetly the most annoying thing, voice/tuner/line recording is now being recorded in mp3, not rec. And that means you cant upload it to your computer... Whats the use then? So it seems that UMS version has more cons than pros... Those are little things, but keep iRiver players from being the best in the world...
10/02/05 @ 19:37
Comment from Joe
Yeah, I've definitely decided to stay away from the UMS firmware, especially if its not possible to upload recordings onto the PC! That's just stoopid. 96kbs is fine for voice recordings, but I like using the line in feature at 128 kbs at the least. Oh well, we can't get everything in a player. Besides these basic issues I love my player. The features are fantastic! The earbuds suck, but I hate earbuds anyway. I have some Sony headphones that have treated me real good.
12/02/05 @ 04:01
Comment from Raichea
Nobody here has mentioned it, so - just in case people aren't aware - v1.29 of the software is non-UMS and allows 320kbps recording.

I agree - can see no sensible reason why the UMS firmware doesn't allow 320kbps...
13/02/05 @ 17:20
Comment from Zlayo
Whats the difference between EU/US/bla/bla firmware? There's v1.29 manager firmware available fir 700 series, but only japanese version... Can I use it? I'm form EU. I now I CAN use it, but what's the difference?
13/02/05 @ 19:28
Comment from Joe
Does any one know what type of rechargeable batteries should be used with the iriver? I'm not getting that long of life out of my regular alkalaine batteries and figure I might as well invest in some rechargeable ones. I only get eight or so hours out of my player. Is this what every one else is getting? The manual says 40 hours!
15/02/05 @ 05:20
Comment from Johannes
40 (or better 35) hours you only get with non-rechargeable batteries, i think there's no possibility to get that much time out of a rechargeable. if i'm wrong i would like to know about it.
I too asked myself often what's the difference between the us/eu versions. does anyone know about it?
16/02/05 @ 16:04
Comment from Stuart ·
As far as I know, the only difference between the EU and US versions is the frequency range of the radio.
16/02/05 @ 16:28
Comment from Johannes
Raichea, did you find the 1.29 version for the ifp-7xxt series? Where??? Only can find it for the 8xxt
16/02/05 @ 22:11
Comment from Zlayo
Johannes, you can find v1.29 firmware for 700 series on iriver's korean page. If you cant find it I can mail it to you..
16/02/05 @ 22:22
Comment from Johannes
Thanks, Zlayo. found the korean page and (after a little time and with help of the google translator) also the v1.29 for 700 series.
But I'm a little anxious about putting it on my player because my Korean isn't good ;).
17/02/05 @ 14:42
Comment from Zlayo
Start the player, then push joystick for a long time, you'll be in main menu, go for the first option,and then second, thats language options... That menu is not in korean so click english and thats that....
17/02/05 @ 16:24
Comment from Johannes
Okay, thanks again :).
Could have found it out by myself, but I'm a little coward, and don't know what to do when installation or something else fails...
17/02/05 @ 17:08
Comment from Bob
Does anyone listen to the radio ?

It has no eq or bass/trebble adjustment.
20/02/05 @ 19:57
Comment from Joe
Personally, Bob, I don't mind there being no eq for the fm tuner. I get spectacular reception. Of course, I live in the inner city Chicago so it's easy to pick up a signal. Eq would be nice, but due to all of the other features, I find it somewhat superfluous. The fm recorder works great too! And it has a timer to record your favorite programs.
21/02/05 @ 18:04
Comment from dclement
Recently got the iRiver 790. I thought I did all the research needed. I just tried to transfer an mp3 from the iRiver player to my computer and it won't let me. HELP says it is a copy right issue. I can understand their concers, but I want to transfer! Anyone know if this problem can be cracked?
23/02/05 @ 19:44
Comment from Stuart ·
dclement, I could be wrong, but I think you can rename the extension to .rec and it will let you transfer it. Rename it back on your PC.
23/02/05 @ 20:13
Comment from Zlayo
You cant upload mp3, wav, ogg or asf files from your player to the computer... In exchange, you can listen music bought from online services(i think)... That is certain for manager firmware, but I don't know does it count for the UMS version... Thats definetly the biggest flaw of iRiver players... Of course, you can do what Stuart said, but then you can't listen to that on your player, except if it is in rec format... I would really like if someone could hack firmware to allow uploading... I supose it wouldn't be such a problem
23/02/05 @ 22:14
Comment from dclement
Stuart, I tried to rename the mp3 file to .rec within the IFP Explore window and it would set it back to .mp3. Pretty smart. I then changed the extension of the song from the source folder on the PC Explore side of the music manager software to .doc extension and then copied it over to the IFP Explore side of the manager software window and it copied fine. Then I took it again from the IFP Explore side and draged it back over to the PC Explore side and renamed it with a .mp3 extension and it saved fine. This procedure will work fine if all you want to do is get the songs from one pc to another pc for some reason, but along the way you will not be able to listen to the songs because they will be stored on the player in .doc format until you replace them in .mp3 format.
24/02/05 @ 16:14
Comment from Vic
Jeez....things seem so complicated! All i want is to listen to some music!
I am a complete novice with these MP3 players, but have learned alot the past few weeks. I am not new to recording, as I am an amateur musician, and am familiar with everything from analogue tape to HD recording. I never bothered with these compressed formats thinking they were all crap....until I decided to get a player for my holiday. I had to learn fast. I got something cheap off Iriver 795 clone. It sound ok, but takes a minute to boot! & 30 seconds to navigate! But it uses the same Phillips chip as Iriver & sounds good (updated to Sony 71ES phones) Anyway, when I got back i decided to get a real Iriver, & found a deal on Amazon UK for an IFP899 £119 delivered! Too good to miss. Should get tomorrow! I am looking forward to comparing them & may post results if anyone's interested? Have found the postings here very useful!
27/02/05 @ 10:18
Comment from Paul
Help - I've just bought an IFP899 and have the same problem as an earlier comment. I follow the Iriver software instructions to extract from a CD, but then can't play . I get the message 'ogg format not supported'. Any idea why?
03/03/05 @ 09:53
Comment from Zlayo
Your ogg files are probably below 96kbps, menaing that they cannot be played... If your bitrate is above 96kbps, then your files are probably coded in variable bit rate,and few frames are falling below 96kbps
03/03/05 @ 10:27
Comment from alex · http://06/03/05
I also have a Chinese Iriver clone that takes about 60 seconds to boot up but "only" a sleepy 10seconds to engage a selected song from the scroll menu. It only develops this sloth-like state when loaded up with more than a dozen or so songs. 10-15 second gaps between songs on shuffle mode. Otherwise it seems pretty good(!). Absolutely no hiss though-I think it's based on the 395 series.....
06/03/05 @ 09:46
Comment from Peter
I you are interested in getting the best flash based mp3 players visit (removed - go and spam somewhere else) and buy the XDRUM XD405 this mp3 player is amazing as it is quite cheap to buy and yet the product quaklity is unsurpassed and the sound quality unbelievable. The direct encorder facility is just about the only one I have come across and actually does what it says on the tin.
09/03/05 @ 00:48
Comment from Johannes
Funny thing just happened when i put my ifp790 (using 1.28 UMS) out of its small case without having locked the buttons.
a screen appeared displaying "program" at the top and i could choose between 001, 002 and 003.
does anyone know what that's about? i turned my iriver off and when i turned it on again i couldn't get back to that screen... strange...
15/03/05 @ 07:43
Comment from Johannes
it's me once more, just got an email from iriver trying to explain the 96 kbps UMS limit:
"We are sorry that the maximum bit rate for recording using UMS firmware will be reduced as 96Kbps since more buffer is needed for recording when using UMS firmware."
i don't know if i should believe this, it sounds a little unbelievable, but i don't know the ifp's inner life...
15/03/05 @ 07:49
Comment from Zlayo
About program 001,002.. It's something like a playlist. Rather useless. Read about it in the manual
16/03/05 @ 19:15
Comment from Lin
fascinating page! BUT, i have just got an ifp 880 but can't get it recognised by a computer. i've tried it on 4 computers of various specs, winxp, win98se, usb 1.0 usb 2.0. etc. the lead supplied wouldn't work, i ended up using the one from my PDA and the player screen showed the connection, but the player didn't show up in the device lists or usb hub lists. Now i've packed it back in the box in sheer frustration. Can anyone help?
18/03/05 @ 21:18
Comment from Woodski
Hi i am considering getting either the Iriver Ifp 895 or the 899. Now from looking at various sites there seems to be a few problems with them. What exactly are wrong with them?
27/03/05 @ 15:48
Comment from Chris
I bought an iFP-899 a month ago (US) and everything was fine until I upgraded the firmware a few days ago. The latest available on the US website is 1.25, but they don't tell you that. I flashed it, and ever since it's been crashing/rebooting every 5-10 minutes. All my music is VBR MP3s at around 192 (from Exact Audio Copy). Don't want to re-rip all my tunes...

I've tried v1.29 from the UK site, and then back to 1.25 all with the same results. I assume I'm experiencing the "reboot" problem shared with the 799. My question is: how do I switch from Normal EQ on this device? In EQ Select, Normal is not an option. Am I missing something? Any help would be appreciated. I'm about ready to return it & get my $$$ back before it's too late.
29/03/05 @ 21:43
Comment from Dean
DO NOT GET AN IRIVER PRODUCT- I bought a product and I was happy with it until the play button stopped working-- i know thats not a big problem, so I contacted the warranty information-- their tech support is nonexistant. Never answer calls, emails, and don't have an address of any type posted
17/04/05 @ 20:39
Comment from Jackal2000
Hi guys,

Has anyone experienced problems with the IFP 880's joystick? It seems to have become a lot softer and more sensitive.Is this normal?Thanks
18/04/05 @ 21:10
Comment from BOFH
I played with a model 790 at a Radio Shack, today. One thing we couldn't figure out was how to change bitrates for recording from either input. We wanted to get the thing to record from line in using a mike at 128kbps or from higher than 64Kbps recording from internal mike. One review implied that there are settings for this. I was originally shopping for a voice recorder, when I discovered music players with voice record capabilities.
19/04/05 @ 07:22
Comment from Dexter
I want to buy iriver 899 / 799. PLease advise me teh difference between these model/. Both specification seems to eb same

Cannot i get 899T in UK?
21/04/05 @ 20:29
Comment from jason
"Comment from dclement
Stuart, I tried to rename the mp3 file to .rec within the IFP Explore window and it would set it back to .mp3. Pretty smart. I then changed the extension of the song from the source folder on the PC Explore side of the music manager software to .doc extension and then copied it over to the IFP Explore side of the manager software window and it copied fine. Then I took it again from the IFP Explore side and draged it back over to the PC Explore side and renamed it with a .mp3 extension and it saved fine. This procedure will work fine if all you want to do is get the songs from one pc to another pc for some reason, but along the way you will not be able to listen to the songs because they will be stored on the player in .doc format until you replace them in .mp3 format."

I did what you did. The only exception is that instead of changing the extension to a .doc file on the pc side, I changed it to a .rec file instead. That way you still can listen to the file once it's on your player. I'm using version 1.24 which came loaded on the player. Works fine for me.

30/04/05 @ 19:57
Comment from Zev
I have owned a iFP-795 for about 3 months. It worked like a dream - until one day the joystick became sensitive. I had to really, really concentrate on what I was doing with my thumb. Then, the joystick fell off. It didn't fall of as in fall off the player, it just became disconnected from whatever internal hardware it was supposed to be on. I rarely dropped it, so I don't know how this happened. Since it does not seem like anyone else on the web has said anything about the joystick becoming disconnected, I assume this was a one-in-a-million happening. If you're looking at buying an iriver, I would still recommend their products.

P.S. Why bother with making the player a UMS? Just get a FlashDrive separately.
30/04/05 @ 23:04
Comment from Tai Sun
There is no difference between the 899 and 799 other than cosmetics. They are the same players under slightly different casings. In some markets you can only find one but not the other. Put it down to marketing reasons.
06/05/05 @ 04:06
Comment from mie
planning to buy ifp795, but how this stuff compared to creative muvo
10/05/05 @ 06:25
Comment from C.
Having 799T for 3 day now with Firmware 1.30 EU I can judge the machine as follow (just the facts, no lamenti!)

+ Sound and EQ possibilities
+ Operation logic
+ Display
+ 1GB of memory
+ FM radio & recording quality
+ Mic recording quality

- Supplied headphones, though by Sennheiser, have poor bass. I recommend Sony Turbo Bass!
- UMS Firmware recording rate reduction is the biggest shit they could do. Hopefully someone will patch it soon!!!!!!!

Conclusion: The cons can and will be solved, but the little player is my 5th player and it is perfect in sound and rich in features! Try it - then you`ll buy it!
10/05/05 @ 21:05
Comment from A Rahim

Got my brand new IFP-899 last week. My first impression was "woww". Even the box looks beautiful and you know that something special is inside. It was imported from Taiwan with 1.25 EU firmware. I quickly flashed with 1.29 and have no problem at all.

First I tought it was big compared with other players. After playing around with it, it feel just natural to hold it with your thumb on the joystick. My only complain is the battery cover is very weak... Can imagine a rubber band on that gorgeous body in a month time.

Sound is good but bass is not to my expectation. (This is my first mp3 player) I'm looking for earphone reviews before buying one. Anyone knows what is the best earphone? I've read a portable amp that is supposed to make all earphones sound great but never seen one before.

13/05/05 @ 02:22
Comment from TTC
I have models 790 and 795 (fw 1.25), both of them reboots during playback of high quality VBR mp3 (normal EQ). Being a professional software developer, I want to mention that iRiver Manager is badly design software -- low student quality. Site support is also very primitive, sometimes there're even no versions of downloaded firmware. Impossibity to fix rebooting bug for a long time tells how much iRiver cares about its users. (also there is no any workaround for that at iRiver support, as well as it isn't mentioned there). All that significantly reduces that widely advertised quality of iRiver. Thanks everyone for important information...
25/05/05 @ 19:58
If someone looks for headphones with good sound and deep bass, I think that very good (but not popular - I didn't find any info on the net) are Panasonic RP-HV158E-S . I bought it once to my old player, and now I don' look for anything else - Sennheiser MX300 go to the trash, sounds very weak.
27/05/05 @ 10:13
Comment from Cam
I can't get songs I buy off the net to play on my IFP-700. Does anybody have a workaround solution for this?
28/05/05 @ 19:23
Comment from Miss D
Why go look for an Mp3 player that costs more and with lesser features when you can buy the iRiver IFP-795T. It has so many features. It can record from the fm tuner, voice, and sounds from an external equipment. The software that comes with it used for transferring mp3s to your player is very easy to use.

I had a hard time using the player at first but in a day I mastered it. The sound quality is superb! You can adjust the sound to your preference or choose from 8 EQ modes (normal, rock, jazz, classic, 3D, etc.) You can also adjust the bit rate and frequency when recording.

I don't understand why others compare the IFP-700 series and the IFP-800 series when they both have the same features, sound quality and price. The difference however is the mp3 player design. Other than that, I like the IFP-700 series' design compared to the 800 series. The 700 series has an available Waterproof MP3 player housing you can buy at their website (the 800 series doesn't).

I have an iPod shuffle and comparing it to iRiver---my iRiver has better sound quality. I found my iPod shuffle too expensive because I have to buy the USB Power Adapter to charge it and the sport case to protect it (from scratches).

The iRiver mp3player comes with all the accessories you need so you don't have to buy them separately and at an additional cost. I should have bought the IFP-799 (1 GB) player but Circuit City didn't have one available yet (they have now).

When I don't use the earphones I connect this to my satellite speakers. I recommend connecting this to PC or satellite speakers with subwoofers like Altec Lansings and high end Creative Labs speakers. To sum it up--the IFP-795T is an excellent MP3player, great sound, lots of useful features at a reasonable price.This mp3player is SIMPLY THE BEST! iRiver rocks!
31/05/05 @ 11:14
Comment from mariocrdv
Hi, nobody knows about a Music Manager crack o something like that, to be able to upload mp3 to pc ??. I think if the mp3 is in my fp795, is because i have the source, so, I can't understand the idea for the iRiver's people!.
05/06/05 @ 15:46
Comment from Sim
My iRiver 795 is decent , there is some static when i turn the thing on or off, also...the joystick will become less sensitive after extensive volume - is almost non responsive now..
28/06/05 @ 19:25
Comment from Danny
Hi fellas,

I really need help here. Bought a IFP-790 and did not fiddle with it due to heavy work commitments and after that, realise that the CD installer doesn't come with it!!! I really need the driver now but can't seem to download it anywhere. Anyone can advise on this pleassssseee? You may email at [email protected] Thanks a great deal.

24/07/05 @ 14:57
Comment from Stuart ·
Danny, you can get the software from the European iRiver site - select your language, click on Support at the top, then Download from the right menu.
25/07/05 @ 07:26
Comment from Tony
Comment for Peter:

You mentioned the XDRUM player's recording capabilities were as promised. However, I can find no literature online that tells what bitrates are supported for line-in recording.

I, too, bought an iFP-799, only to find out I would have to trade off recording quality for external-drive functionality. I'm quite miffed about this. I am a musician, and I liked the idea of being able to record a decent sounding track when an idea hit and then store it on my pc. But, alas, it was just a dream, so it would seem.

If anyone (especially Peter) knows what the supported bitrates and sampling frequencies are for the XDRUM player, I'd be much appreciative to hear about them.

26/07/05 @ 21:13
Comment from silverun
Bought an ifp=799 recently and made some line=in test recordings using an external preamp/mic setup. Noticed rightaway the recordings were very noisy (compared to a sony minidisc). I also found that when the iriver was in line-in standby mode, there is also an annoying buzzing noise. Is this noise issue normal and should I return it?
01/08/05 @ 07:57
Comment from Kei ·
Yes, ivorysky. There is a hugely distinct white noise in the background. Not only is it in the F series, but also in the H300 series as well. I have an iRiver H340 from Hong Kong, and believe me, the hiss is very loud. Not joking here.
I've took it back to iRiver Europe for repairs and they didn't even touch it, not a single thing. They asked me to provide them with an explanation of the defects. I said, that the hiss appears right at the moment the iRiver is booted up, and willl continue to sound even when the volume is set to zero, unless you turn off the machine or unplug your earphones totally. The hiss doesn't increase with increase in volume, it's a constant level hiss.
I am an audiophile and I'm very strict in music quality etc. even though you can't hear the hiss when you play loud music, you still have that "hissing-demon" breathing over your shoulder whilst you're listening to music and even moreso when the music has more silent sections, or with little singing etc.
If you're not an audiophile and can tolerate hissing and simply listens to any grade of quality, let it be 96kb/s or 64kb/s then buy iRiver.
Otherwise if you're strict and serious about prestine music quality and sound, AVOID iRiver entirely! I'll never buy an iRiver again.
13/08/05 @ 13:22
Comment from Andrew
I have used a ifp899 for five months now. I record using the line in connector. When I playback and turn off the player and turn it back on to resume the playback it reverts back to the start of the first file. It is quite frustrating in that I have ten hours of music that I record off of my cable box while I sleep. I use the player at my gym so I don't hear all ten hours so having the resume feature work is necessary. Real pain to have to FF to get where I left off listining from the previous day. Iriver tech support sucks. They tell you to load the defaults and format the flash. Then when that didn't work they gave me a rma for return (got a new one back in five days) (not bad for Alaska). The new one still won't resume. Anyone have an Idea.

thanks Andrew
06/09/05 @ 01:39
Comment from Moz ·
I bought a iFP-799 last week. I didn't wait (except to listen to the included tracks) to upgrade the firmware to 1.28 hacked (same recording limits as 1.25 but now recognizable to windows as a normal drive!). In fact upgrading the firmware was the first and last time that I've ever used the included Manager!

As for the earbuds... The Senheisers are still in the bag, never used. I already had my Sony MDR-EX51LP that I had bought separetely from my old MiniDisc player (MD suck big time! Getting the iRiver is such a relief! No more crappy SonicStage!) and I don't see how earbuds could sound better than these!

I've noticed that the batterie included in the package lived only for one day. But I have to say that on the first day that I got it I played around alot with it and with the screen being lit up at each press of a button it is quite understandable why the batterie didn't live for long. So to prevent that kind of problem I've set the screen light to 0-1sec and bought Nim-H rechargeable batteries.
19/09/05 @ 07:46
Comment from DeThomas
Hi. Ive got a problem with ifp790. Can you help me? My computer is a bit old, its running win98se. When i plug in my mp3 player and try to copy some files with the IMM program,something goes wrong and on the monitor is a sign CAN NOT CONNECT TO THE MP3 PLAYER. I dont know whats wrong? What should i do? Its strange, that the player didnt appear in This computer like new disc. Can you help me please? [email protected]
19/09/05 @ 18:20
Comment from marco ·
I bought an iRiver iFP-880 in Japan in May 2003. Since then I've used it to play Ogg Vorbis files made with Linux. Although Linux support was
nearly non-existant back then the current driver works very

I've recently updated to version 1.29 of the firware available

Everything works fine, no hissing whatsoever. Although it's true that Ogg Vorbis bitrates are limited the following encoding parameters work perfectly for me:

oggenc -q3.0 -m 96 -M 225 source.wav

If you store all the oggs in a directory called "MIX", for example, the following command will upload them into the player:

ifp upload MIX /

I hope the above is of use to anyone who would like to use the iFP-880 under Linux. Other similar models seem to work fine too, you can refer to the ifp-driver mailing list for other people's experiences:
05/10/05 @ 06:40
Comment from C
Never had a problem with my 790 and I bought it off ebay as a "refurbished" model. If anyone has lost their cable (or wants a backup), do a quick search on ebay, there's a guy selling them for .01cent (a penny) with 4.99 shipping, an even $5 and the cable works perfectly.
14/10/05 @ 06:10
Comment from Hassan
the white noise is there on my ifp-390T as well. Its just that its even lower as the 390t's max. power is 12mW per channel and 7-series has 18mW per channel.the bigger amplifier inside the 7xx and 8xx series also amplifies the white noise to a more audible level.they need to upgrade their audio DAC whatever to one with lower hiss to cover for the better amp..the ipod for e.g. gives 30mW per channel with inaudible hiss, due to a cleaner decoder..
08/11/05 @ 13:02
Comment from clementp
Hi guys! Site is very informative and gives a lot of info about iRiver players.
If I saw it 6 months ago, I would not buy this player, that’s for sure.
It seems, that I’ve been having problem with my iRiver ifp 795 that nobody has had before. When I used original firmware version, after downloading folders into iRiver, I noticed that files would be out of order (example: part_21, part_20, part_01, part_02 and so on to part_19).
So I would open folders and move files around to get them in order. Sometimes folders would be out of order too.
I got sick and tired of it and upgraded to UMS version (either 1.28 or 1.29). Transfer worked like a charm for two months, until yesterday. Now when I transfer folders, they look fine in Windows Explorer, but in iRiver they look in reverse order (disc09, disc08, disc07…) Now try to listen an audio book, when your folders in wrong order. What I tried so far:
reformatted drive – no results; got back to original firmware – became even worse;
upgraded again and still the same… I tried to do format and transfer on another computer at home – same result…
Anybody knows what is going on?
23/11/05 @ 14:17
Comment from Bagpuss
256 meg IFP-790 now £39.99 in Argos in the UK - got to be worth it, despite problems. Just need it for recording commentaries from my DAB radio (recordable DAB for a combined price of £89.98 - sweet!
05/01/06 @ 00:32
Comment from louis ·
My IFP899 has been very impressive, overall, for the past several months I've owned it.

I've dropped it several times, even w/out it's protective plastic jacket, and everything still works except for 1/5 of the screen blacking out after one of the drops, and the problems I'll mention later which probably arent due to the drops.

The joystick doesnt work right sometimes. Pressing down makes it go to a random song and start playing when it should go down a song selection. When this happens, sometimes I'll press play and it will ask me if I want to delete a song.

Problems like the above usually only happen after I've messed with the audio-equalizer, where I will turn up all the bass, treble, and other eq settings to the max to get the most volume. After I do that, the player really starts having issues. It auto switches into random mode, or repeat mode, and I'll eventually have to reset to default settings to get it working well again.

When I fill up the last 200 megs or so, often the songs are corrupted and wont play.

I had to install new drivers in order to be able to use it w/out the crappy iriver music manager program, but after installing the new drivers, it's awsome.

Best Features:
It's a portable hard-drive w/ the new drivers. I can connect it to any win-xp machine and trade files w/out installing drivers on Win xp. That's cool, and not available on all mp3 players.

The batter life lasts a very long time. This feature is under-rated, and the extra weight/size is totally worth it. I'd like to see a D batter mp3 player that will last forever.

I've dropped it several times and it keeps a ticken. This is very important. Other mp3 players are fragile like glass. This baby is a rock.

These features, and the voice recording distinguish this player from the rest, and it's one solid little player and I HIGHLY recommend it to everyone who's looking. I've had many previous players.

What needs to be fixed:
I want a driver that doesnt have the EQ issues or the joypad issues, and I want a flash that supports lossless encoding, especially .WV free wave encoding, as it is the very best out there, but ape monkey would be good too.
08/02/06 @ 18:23
Comment from louis ·
08/02/06 @ 18:26
Comment from Andreezzi
My iriver ipf-790 has worked fine for over a year. All the sudden it won't turn on. I really only use the FM radio on it....nothing's downloaded or recorded. Any suugestions? is there a way to reboot?
26/06/06 @ 18:58
Comment from fabian
Hi, anyone knows the ftp port and ip host that used in the iriver player?
I want find another ways to put the music on.
Can anywant try sucessfull hacked the iriver manager to upload and downloads the mp3 songs fron the player?
thanks and cya!
23/09/06 @ 13:37
Comment from fabian
Hi Andreezzi
The same happend to me.
Just take off the baterie and wait a just a seconds and put the baterie on again.
Good luck!

23/09/06 @ 13:40
Comment from halil
21/11/06 @ 19:59
Comment from Neil Schubert
I have an IFP 890-US, using firmware 1.25. So So Far, I have NO hiss whatsoever. You may want to try a different set of headphones. The hiss may come from an impedance mismatch that could cause the output amplifier to oscillate, causing the hiss. If you use a RCA y cable and connect it to a stereo, see if you still get a hissing sound. If not, you need a better pair of headphones.

The "blend" in the radio needs to be completely disabled, this is a problem in all iRiver products! This is as simple as toggling a couple of bits in the firmware. Simply put, stereo goes away even when the stereo light is on. Anyway, no hiss on mine, it is clean as a bell. There may be a few models that needed a capacitor, or something like that!

PS DO NOT UPGRADE PAST firmware 1.25 - The newer versions cut recording bitrate down to 128k!, and it is a real pain to roll the firmware back!
03/02/07 @ 07:34
Comment from Rio666
Hi to all! I'am new here and i have a problem with my mp3! i don't have a installer of my mp3 and i don't know where to get it! so anyone knows where can I download IRiver IFP-895/IFP-800?
15/02/07 @ 23:45
Comment from eduardo
i have a 790 model no cd drive original pls down load me
20/02/07 @ 01:38
Comment from eduardo roberto
where can get the driver for the 790 mp3 i-river col me at 4377626
20/03/07 @ 13:15
Comment from eduardo roberto
i dont have a driver of my mp3 i-river 790 it loss the driver pls send me now ok
20/03/07 @ 13:19
Comment from jai
iriver ifp-790 driver
04/03/08 @ 05:27
Comment from Sarmad Hameed
I need to have iriver internet audio player ifp-700 software/driver. I am using Windows XP Pro.
Can somebody send me the link where I can download the software/driver.

11/01/11 @ 23:34

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