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Sun, 06 April 2008

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Alternative to Wedding Disposable Cameras

Wedding of the Year provides a central place to collect and share guests’ digital wedding photos in
five easy steps:

1) Purchase an online wedding album either for yourself or as a gift
Wedding of the Year will send out personalised cards to the wedding couple to include with their wedding invitations or thank you cards, and table cards to remind people on the day. The cards contain their unique guest log in details, chosen at registration.

2) Guests upload their digital photos
Using the instructions on the cards, guests log in to a guest area where they upload their favourite digital photos of the day. Only the wedding couple can view the uploaded photos prior to publishing their album.

3) Wedding couple review and edit their online wedding album
They can create categories, change the order of photos and add captions to really personalise their album. They can even delete photos they don’t want people to see!

4) Publish wedding album online
Once they are happy with their album, the wedding couple then publish it online and it remains live for twelve months from the wedding date, with the option to extend.

5) Guests view the album
The published album is then viewable by family and friends, including those who couldn’t be there on the day. Only guests with the unique guest log in details can view the album – they can also sign the online guestbook.

Wedding of the Year is also a real alternative to using disposable cameras at your wedding, as you get the benefit of photos taken throughout the day without the disadvantages of poor, grainy photos and a limited number of prints.
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Comment from austin wedding photography
Wedding photography in Austin, Texas can result in beautiful artsy photographs. In Austin some places are complete desert with cactus, tumbleweeds, and dirt while just across town you have lush greenery, trees, and flowers. There are several locations that have bridges running over rivers.
16/05/12 @ 08:09

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