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Tue, 14 June 2005

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Live8 Tickets on Ebay

It didn't take long for the vultures to put their tickets to the London concert on ebay. It looks like some people put them up within minutes of receiving the text message confirming they'd won; they obviously had no intention of going and entered purely for the profit. The people selling these are scum, so here's what to do:

Register a new ebay account - use fake name and address details, but you'll need a real email address. If you use a Hotmail or Gmail account they'll ask you for a credit card number, so use a disposable one from your ISP, or on your own domain if you have one. Then go to an auction for live8 tickets and bid silly money. If you happen to win the auction just don't pay - the worst that can happen is that your new account will get banned.

It looks like Ebay only allow you to bid on one item without giving them your credit card details - no problem, just create more accounts and repeat.

It's your call if you bid on the ones that say they'll give anything less than 100% of the money to charity. My opinion is that they're just as bad - why aren't they giving all the money?

I hope anyone profiting from Live8 is thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

**Update 07:30 14 June 2005**
Our first entrant into the live8 tickets hall of shame:

Paul Bullivant, Strood, Kent

who left his full address in his Ebay payment instructions. Any more, let me know.

**Update 08:15 14 June 2005**
Another idea is to bid sensible winning amounts on other items being sold by people selling Live8 tickets. If you win the auction you'll be able to leave them negative feedback (something Ebay sellers are terrified of.)

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