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Thu, 24 March 2005

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DVD Rental By Post

I've been using this now for about 4 months. If you live anything further than about a mile from your local video shop I highly recommend it. If you're like me, getting the DVDs out wasn't a problem, but taking them back was, so you always end up spending double the original amount on fines.

Renting them by post means you don't have to worry about getting them back on time, nor having to drive miles to return them.

I started off with Movietrak, who were fine for about 2 months, but then they got taken over by and the service suddenly became appalling - the website was unusably slow, they started taking an extra day between receiving my returned DVD before sending out the new one and didn't bother replying to an email when a DVD was lost in the post.

I'm now using Tesco DVD rental and couldn't be happier. There's a much wider choice, more often than not I get one of my first choices and they send a new one out on the day they receive my return.

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