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Thu, 24 February 2005

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Christian Voice Cancer Charity Row

Can I just say absolutely unbefuckinglievable. I can only assume that Stephen Green and his disciples (as that's surely how he sees himself) have never had someone they know suffer and die from cancer. In some ways they've done us all a favour by doing this - perhaps now everyone but the most fundamental Christians will realise how loathsome this organisation is.

I would urge you to drop an email to Maggie's Centres to express your support for them to accept the donation, and to contact Stephen Green at either this email address or on 01994 484 545, to express your disgust.
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Comment from herrmann
Massive support, eh, Ivor?
01/03/05 @ 12:12
Comment from Stuart ·
Who are you? And who's Ivor?
01/03/05 @ 12:42
Comment from Captain Obvious
It goes without saying that I hope "Christian Voice" choke on their self righteous misinterpreted bullshit.

I can't even begin to believe they felt they had the right to tell a charity what to do with regards to a donation prooffered in perfectly good will. The fact remains that it's a worthy cause and that a donation to them is a worthy one.

Groups like "Christian Voice" are to be considered as dangerous to society as other religious groups who take extreme views and/or make their own interpretations of anything - they simply exist to serve their own narrowminded goals and risk undermining society's balance further. It goes without saying that a large proportion of 'overtly' religious people are some of the most hypocritical people on the face of the planet - regardless of their chosen religion.

As far as I'm concerned anything that winds these bigots up is good in my book. They have no right to force their will on anyone.

Did "Christian Voice" offer a similar or larger sum as a donation to Maggie's in order to compensate them for forcing their bigoted view upon them, backed up with the threat of protests and discouraging others from supporting them? Or were they simply bashing their bibles over the fact that something they didn't agree with (the Jerry Springer Opera) is doing something that they are unprepared to do - put their hand in their pocket?

Of course - what makes this all the more comical is that these idiots don't comprehend the fact that their protesting against things simply raises them further into the public eye. I'm sure the vast majority of the nation would more or less have had the entire Jerry Springer Opera pass by as a non-event, had they not kicked up such a fuss. The fact that they were so irked by it being on, as far as I'm concerned, has convinced me to make the effort to see it if it's on anywhere again - just because they told me not to.

The government has no right to tell people how to live their lives - why should a bunch of halfwits think that they do?
12/03/05 @ 17:55
Comment from Pandolet
It's not a nice world any more so I'm with Mr Green. It's all supposed to happen this way so all you heathens just go your own way, ok? Stop your whingeing and whining about things you all so obviously know very little about!
21/04/05 @ 16:07

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