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Sun, 09 January 2005

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Jerry Springer The Opera Complaints

Congratulations to the BBC for not giving in to the vocal minority, and for showing Jerry Springer The Opera tonight. Thanks to the religious zealots and defenders of all things decent, as without them I'd probably have missed it.

As far as I can tell there were two groups of people complaining - those who objected to the swearing, and those who were worried it undermined their religion. To the first group: those buttons with numbers on your remote control change the channel; if something offends you, use them. And if the god squad are getting this upset that a piece of fiction questions their religion, I presume that none of them have read The Da Vinci Code.

Incidentally, this website belongs to Christian Voice, one of the groups mentioned in the BBC article. Just a quick skim shows that they aren't just pro-Christian, they are right-wing nut jobs. The list of things they are against is incredible: gay rights, abortion, against other religions in the UK, for some reason particularly Hinduism, and the teaching of safe sex in schools. Certainly not the type of organisation I want dictating to me what I can and can't watch.
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