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Sat, 25 September 2004

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Windows Update Fix

This post is as much to remind me as it is to help other people. I built a new PC a couple of days ago and everything seemed to go very smoothly. Until I tried using Windows Update that is. I'm using Windows 2000, but I'm pretty sure this will also apply to XP and 98.

I'd done a clean installation of W2K, immediately followed by SP4 & Internet Explorer SP1. Nothing else - no anti-virus software and no firewall (I'm running behind a NAT router so I wasn't too concerned about worms or viruses). When I tried to use Windows Update it would get to 66% and then hang for about 3 minutes, completely freezing the Internet Explorer session. Eventually it would come back, but with an error message telling me 'Windows Update was unable to scan your drivers'. Windows Update.log in winnt shows error 0x800C0008. Searching the Microsoft Knowledge Base and Google brought up a few things to try, e.g. check your date and time or remove the Windows Update software, but nothing worked. Strangely, I also had a problem accessing one of my online banking sites, so I guessed that the two were probably related. If you're having the same problem, here's how I fixed it:

1) Download Dr.TCP from here or here.

2) Run DR. TCP from the downloaded .exe. In the drop down list at the bottom, select the device you use to access the internet, i.e. your modem or network card.

3) Change the TCP Receive Window to 13900 and both MTU values to 1430

4) Write down the URL of this site so you can come back and let me know if it works.

5) Reboot the PC.


And that's it. Your network settings may differ to the ones I used here, so if it doesn't work first time, it would be worth experimenting. If it does fix it you'll also have the added bonus that all pages should download quicker.

If this has helped and fixed your problem I'd appreciate it if you could just leave a comment to say so. Now if only I knew how to prevent a stop error displaying 'registry cannot load the hive systemrootsystem32software' that forces me to reinstall Windows then everything will be working fine...
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Comment from Ken
Dude, this fixed my problem. Unbelievable. After hours of searching for the answer, i found it here. Thank you.
12/10/04 @ 01:02
Comment from Pierre

Just want to thank you for the tips concerning the error on windows update -- Windows Update was unable to scan your drivers --I had exactly the same problem when scanning for updates, the scan was hanging at 66% and than the error message about the driver. It arrives suddenly on our win2k server,no software, or hardware was changed or added on the network and the e-mail were ok... anyway...I tried Drtcp and change the mtu to 1450 (1430 was not working for us).
Note: I pass some hours on the net to find out what might be our problem and what can be done to solve it, and you`re the only place on the web (believe me) that give a away to solve this and that is addressing this problem.

One more time
thank you very much.
Pierre D.
25/10/04 @ 04:01
Comment from David Moss
Regret no help in my case.

Running W98SE on a Netgear wireless network.

Update still hanging at 66%!

10/02/05 @ 17:38
Comment from David
Hanging at 66% resolved! Microsoft's website came up with the nugget...McAfee's latest viruscan blocks Updates. Close McAfee and hey presto! Now working with McA to resolve.
11/02/05 @ 15:54
Comment from Benson

Thank you so much. I tried most solution found on google, and yours is the only one that works for me.

Thanks for sharing your solution.

20/02/05 @ 10:45
Comment from Ram

Thank you so much, I had the exact symptoms. It worked for the 1450 MTU setting, my router wan side was 1454, I changed that to 1450 as well. I was about to re-install all of it before looking at this.
07/03/05 @ 18:09
Comment from TJ Demas ·
Thanks for the tip! I am running a small network behind a Cayman 3220-H router. It is a PPPOE BellSouth DSL connection. For the last couple of months I have been having no luck with Windows Updates, either by launching Internet Explorer, or allowing automatic updates. I have a mix of Win98SE and WinXPxp2 computers. The trouble began when we moved offices. We did not change routers, but we did get "new" BellSouth service. Anyway, Windows updates would time out / error out with 0x80072EE2 errors. I spent two hours on the phone with Microsoft, and 20 minutes with Cayman / Netopia.

The fix for me, was to use DrTCPIP to set my MTU to 1492. Here's a good place to learn about this issue

While this isn't the ultimate fix, it is a reasonable workaround for small networks. I cannot change the MTU on the router, as it is fixed by my ISP, BellSouth, in this scenario, and is a product of PPPoE. So, setting the MTU's on the pc's is the next best thing.
18/03/05 @ 19:14
Comment from RS
THANK YOU! This was the only solution to the problem for me. It was a fast, easy and effective fix. Thanks again!
22/03/05 @ 14:10
Comment from Mitch
You rule dude!!
Changed my Belkin router MaxMTU to 1450, and blam!! all secure sites and Windows Update back online.

Changed my VIA Network adapter to same also.

I wonder how many dudes and babes try to follow the MS help and get nowhere, when it's the MTU's man!!
17/05/05 @ 22:19
Comment from Jonas22
Thank You, it worked perfectly, without a doubt, the easiest fix.
01/06/05 @ 18:30
Comment from Adam
A thousand thankyous!

Following my connection to a wireless network, I was unable to load pages at a news site I am subscribed to by username and password. I was also unable to execute web-based email functions. Technical support for my email service provider recommended your site. It appears that
the size of forms being sent was the problem, which was fixed by changing settings using Dr TCP as follows:

TCP Receive Window: 15000
MTU: 1500
All other settings: YES

I would like to learn more about the software and what all the settings mean - especially since Microsoft seems to keep them hidden as far as I can see so far. Do you have a link to a help file to explain the settings?

Thanks again!
30/06/05 @ 09:55
Comment from Kamil
Worked perfectly. :)

I had this problem ever since I got connected to the net through a local router. Looked everywhere for some default windows MTU setter, but I guess they never give a chance for users to set it by themselves.

Thanks for your advice.
20/07/05 @ 09:18
Comment from STACEY
MTU 1400

26/09/05 @ 04:49
Comment from John
Brilliant! It worked for me :-)

I have a Belkin ADSL Modem with wireless router and was getting 0x80072EE2 every time I used windows update. I changed the MTU and TCP Recieve Window values to your suggested values of 13900 and 1430 as you suggested using DrTCP. I reboot and can use Windows Update without any nasty 0x80072EE2 errors!

Here, have a virual pint! Thanks again
07/10/05 @ 13:14
Comment from Charles
Performed a clean install of XP Pro. Afterwards could not get Windows Update to work. Also some websites would not display properly. Spent hours working with Microsoft "fixes" with no success. Finally googled the error 0x80072EE2 and reached your site. Downloaded DrTCP and set MTU to 1452. Fixed everything! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
21/10/05 @ 12:38
Comment from kitty
OMG. thank you. I was ready to scream trying to solve the problem with Microsoft. Your advice fixed it in 30 seconds.
10/11/05 @ 19:12
Comment from Reinhard
Great! Thank you so much!
TCP Receive Window 13900, MTU 1430 did it!

I was not able to send larger emails, couldn't upload files and no update from MS...

I spent 2 hours...

25/11/05 @ 21:15
Comment from Stephen Inoue
THANKS!!! Dr TCP to the rescue!

Almost gave up and was going to reformat the PC when I found your solution.

Definitely owe you a beer!


21/12/05 @ 07:51
Comment from jay
Hi I have never been able to download windows updates. Tryed this and it did not work at mtu 1430 tried it at 1492 at it finally works. Thanks alot..
03/01/06 @ 05:42
Comment from Sean
Thanks a lot !
12/01/06 @ 05:42
Comment from Jason Walker
Worked for me! Thank you so much. I'm using a Belkin 802.11g USB Wireless network card with an Airlink101 wireless router. Fresh install of Windows XP, add Service Pack 2, install the Airlink Driver, and Windows Update doesn't work right off the bat.

I've been digging through the "normal" instructions, adding sites to my Trusted Sites zone, etc. to no avail, but this posting and Dr. TCP have finally fixed the problem!

23/01/06 @ 07:18
Comment from dude
wow thx man spent days trying to fix this just saved me from giving up and having to drive miles to head office to get em to fix it well happ y:)
08/02/06 @ 12:50
Comment from juhel
need help!!!!i choose "bt voyager USB remote NDIS device"
in the adapter settings. then i apply and close. when i reopen the dr tcp, the adapter setting changes!!!!!goes back to dial-up adapter.
i have a 2mb connection and i use a USB to connect to internet. and i m using win98se.
anyone know what might be the problem?
18/03/06 @ 00:48
Comment from ruby
Many thanks for this - solved my Windows Update problem also
05/04/06 @ 00:34
Comment from Jerry
Thanks. I've spent hours researching the 0X80072EE2 error and none of the fixes worked. By chance I came across this site and the Dr. TCP worked! I'm very grateful for the Windows X(tra)P(roblems) solution.
17/05/06 @ 22:52
Comment from Titina
29/05/06 @ 06:26
Comment from David
MATE! Had an absolute nightmare after buying a belkin adsl router, couldnt access restricted sites! downloaded the Dr. TCP thing, changed MTU settings to 1430 on that, and then on my router screen to 1450... and hey presto i can get on them again! (This is despite me being on AOL and them telling me to set MTU to 1400, so if thats you aswell do not hesitate to change it!)
Many thanks, dave x
12/08/06 @ 19:11
Comment from Randy
Brilliant! Microsoft support couldn't help, but then again, I really couldn't understand "Haji"'s english anyway. Spent hours on MS website researching without resolution after many fix suggestions. Your's was the only one that worked. Didn't even have to reset MTU value on router, just the NIC. Thanks!
01/09/06 @ 00:21
Comment from Allieha
Thanks for this. Windows update and secure sites were not working. Tried everything before finding your solution. Worked like a charm!
06/09/06 @ 18:05
Comment from dunfy
Excellent, been trying for a month to fix this and then stumbled upon your site. I had this issue with XP Media Center and then discovered that our laptop hadn't been updating either. Thanks.
13/09/06 @ 08:47
Comment from Antonio
Thanks a lot! Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002 sp2 + ADSL Router Digicom Michelangelo. Two major problems: 1) windows update didn't work. 2) tele2 mail portal hanged sending mails longer than one complete line and/or saving drafts.
15/09/06 @ 08:04
Comment from vaibhav shukla

My laptop and my home computer both stopped accessing secure (SSL) sites (hotmail/ebay) and my MSN stopped working.

After searchign for nearly 3 days, your site saved me. That was exactly the problem.

Thank you.
18/09/06 @ 22:59
Comment from John
I would like to thank you for this nice little program. As i was have a problem getting my Belkin Adsl 2 Modem with wireless G+ MINO Router to work. Tried everything i now. Even had words with Belkin support, but they only give me the run around, and had NO idea of the problem. As normal with any support this days.
Then after hour or so hunting web page after web page, not getting no where.
Finally come across this web site.
Which was a god send?
Final got ride of that silly message error 0X80072EE2.
My settings are now TCP Receive Window 20888 and MTU 1492
So once again.
06/10/06 @ 08:06
Comment from Alexis
Yesss u r da man , terrific tip
thanks a lot

sorry for my bad english (im french)

like we say in France : très beau travail !

= )
11/10/06 @ 22:56
Comment from BARRY
Windows update gave 0x80072EE2 error after "search for updates" page.Couldn't find page.
In addition, could not sign-in at Ebay.Page not-found again i think.Changed to your MTU value after much trying of other fixes.All now ok.Thanks a whole heap.What i'd like to know is how i suddenly started failing.
17/10/06 @ 11:51
Comment from Gopal
It was a long frustrating day for me, trying to do Windows Update following a reinstall of my OS. It kept on stalling (but I had done this without a hitch a couple of years ago !). Finally I ran into this page on the web. I tried your suggestion somewhat reluctantly since I didn't know what exactly would be happening.

Well, it fixed my problem 100% and I did all the necessary updates perfect. Thank you a million times sir, you have indeed helped making my life a lot easier !!!!!

15/11/06 @ 17:40
Comment from satish
well it worked fine my windows getting updated quickly allmy internet activities are going fast thanks regards satish
18/11/06 @ 13:14
Comment from rhythma
I was stack with my high-speed internet slow and my internet explorer acting up. so I thought updating it would help, but then the update site wasn't working for me as well. Therefore, I followed the "Windows Update Fix" and it worked for me. Thank you very much, I appreciate it.
25/11/06 @ 04:31
Comment from Debbi Moss
I just wanted to thank you SO MUCH for this fix!!! I have wasted HOURS upon HOURS trying to connect to Microsoft Update, and this is exactly what was necessary! I set my settings like John above, asked God to please solve this problem for me, restarted my computer, and, WHELL-A!, Microsoft Update worked for the first time since 2004! Spent a lot of time on updates, then, for both computers, and very glad to do so! No more time wasted on that silly Error 0x80072EE2, and I can finally listen to a song I downloaded in May 2006 that I've never been able to listen to because I couldn't get the Windows Media Update! Yes, God really, really used you to bless me! I just wanted to praise Him and you for being such a blessing and help to my life! Awesome!
15/12/06 @ 17:22
Comment from GIAMPMAN
Absolutely G R E A T!!!
Win XP Pro SP2 and Modem/Router Sitecom Wireless WL174. Two problems fixed: 1) windows update didn't work no longer after the installation of the router (error 0x80072ee2) and 2) MS Outlook 2003 didin't work when I tried to send e mails on (port 587) while (unbelievable) Outlook Express did! THANK YOU!
22/12/06 @ 16:37
Comment from Bob
You are a genius. I have researched and researched my problem along with help from Microsoft support to no avail. I followed your instructions and one reboot later my updates are all working perfectly and I am now fully updated. Thanks a great deal and from the bottom of my pc heart!
27/12/06 @ 01:34
Comment from Michael O'brien
TalkTalk with Belkin Wireless Router. Could not use Windows Update or sign in to many sites like ebay until I used Dr.TCP to change my MTU to 1400.
13/01/07 @ 12:58
Comment from brett cooper
Thankyou very much, I foolowed your instructions and i can now connect to my ebay and msn messenger. I was going to try buying a new router tomorrow so you have just save me a few pennnies.
05/02/07 @ 23:29
Comment from Lakis
thanks a million worked 1st time, youre a star. Take care m8
12/02/07 @ 06:22
Comment from alan eames
you are a wonder thanks so much for solving the update problem; I have a new belkin router with wireless and had same problem as other folks in the list.
definitely worth a pint ( london prices) if you tell me where to send the dosh!
14/02/07 @ 10:55
Comment from Deek
Worked for me. I could not get to My eBay nor could I post long messages on some of the forums I use often. This started about a month ago; no idea what I did.

Anyway, I downloaded and made the changes on DR TCP - IT WORKED!

21/02/07 @ 18:10
Comment from bob
finally spething that legend.
07/03/07 @ 08:17
Comment from alan eames
ALSO!!!! double check that the router is using ppoa and not ppoe.....latter WORKS but not very well; putting it right works wonders
12/03/07 @ 22:16
Comment from Bob Montgomery
Many thanks. I had recently switched to using a BT voyager 220V ADSL modem router in conjunction with a KCorp KSL-6615 wireless router. Internet access was fine with the voyager in PPOA mode and the KSL-6615 in similar mode. I then noticed problems with sending certain emails. I was getting 0x800ccc0f errors. I was also getting 0x80072EE2 errors on Windows update on a Windows 2000 system. By passing the KLS-6615 router solved the problems but left me with no network. Using Dr. TCP and setting the MTU values to 1430 and the TCP receive window to 13900 has cured my problems.
13/03/07 @ 00:17
Comment from Stefan
This MTU setting did the trick for me too!
Had to set MTU to
15/03/07 @ 10:43
Comment from Stefan
last entry was cut, so here again...


This MTU setting did the trick for me too!
Had to set MTU to less than 978 though, in order to work on my old Intel Wireless Gateway.

Tip for other users: use ping to determine MTU size:
- ping -f -l xxx some_site
- start with xxx = 1472
- decrease xxx until you don't get an error "Packet needs to be fragmented but DF set."
- add 28 to this number and you got your MTU

Then just use DRTCP to set MTU
And while you are at it - set your RWIN to a multiple of this MTU just below 65536



PS. seems to be a massive bug in Windows update if it cannot handle fragmented packets
15/03/07 @ 10:51
Comment from Padraig
Had trouble accessing certain sites (microsoft etc) using a belkin modem. I carried out steps as you described above - worked a charm!
21/03/07 @ 16:46
Comment from Brendon & Sue
man, thank you so much for this. My girlf and I have been so frustrated on searching on the net for a cure to connect to certain http sites: hotmail, microsoft, ringo. So this has helped so much, I even asked the IT guys at my work and advised on certain troubleshooting but still did not work.

So thanks a stack!

24/03/07 @ 18:37
Comment from Bryan
Thanks a million. Been searching for days for a solution to this problem. Got a new Netgear DG834PN wireless router and couldn't connect to windows update or any microsoft sites. Your fix took 30 seconds and solved my problems straight away!
Thanks for sharing!
29/03/07 @ 00:18
Comment from Sérgio Oliveira
Thanks for the help! I had this problem with a new HP NX7400 notebook and this was very annoying. I also had problems with several computers and this program and dirrections seems to do the trick.
15/04/07 @ 03:03
Comment from Jim Alvey
All I can say is... my wife thanks you, my daughter thanks you, my dog thanks you.... I have been in a foul mood for 2 days and you gave me the answer I needed. Why Why Why doesn't AOL or Turbo Tax or Microsoft have this on their web sites?!?! Ivoryski - you are my friend for life.

I changed mine to 1492 and it finally worked. God bless you!

16/04/07 @ 00:46
Comment from Dave
Awesome. MTU=1492 for me. I've been working on this for hours. Nice work!
20/04/07 @ 06:54
Comment from Ron Lewis
I am delighted that Dr. TCP solved the Windows Update problem in XP Pro. I reinstalled twice before finding your fix.

Sincere thanks,

Ron Lewis
Atl. Ga
21/04/07 @ 18:29
Comment from miguel
Dude. this is way too late for u to c, but - oh man, oh man!! thank u so much..., I'm a systems engineer but I'd never get there not in a million years.
you go on and have a nice long life.
02/05/07 @ 13:05
Comment from david
Thank you so much .Setting the mtu to 1492 has allowed us to connect to sites that had become unavailable after connecting through a Belkin wireless router.I HAD JUST ABOUT GIVEN UP AFTER HOURS OF FRUSTRATION.THANKS AGAIN
27/05/07 @ 08:11
Comment from Jihn
Hey, thanks a bundle. Your solution got my computer up and running again.
29/06/07 @ 03:30
Comment from Joe
What a star you are, i've spent hours and several mails to MS without any success, mail issues resolved, avg spyware issue resolved and other minor faults rectified.
My download did not give me any options in the adaptor dropdown box except something like microsoft television or something similar but i did the settings anyway and BINGO
Cheers & have a great day
08/07/07 @ 19:21
Comment from Todd
Windows server 2003 SP2 would not update on a clean install (2003 sp1 servers worked fine here). Changing the MTU as you described solved the problem. Thanks!
02/08/07 @ 19:18
Comment from Malcono
I had been trying to get 3 XP PC's to update w/o any luck from microsoft or other websites.
You're fix however did work, thanks so much.
11/08/07 @ 22:55
Comment from Chris
You are a legend, all hail you.
22/08/07 @ 01:10
Comment from Gus
It worked.

Thanks a heap!
22/08/07 @ 06:24
Comment from Chris
You are a star - thank you ! I have a brand new Dell Vostro 200, Windows XP Professional SP2, and a brand new Belkin ADSL2+ Modem with Wireless G Plus MIMO Router which I got up and running together easily, but could not get Windows Updates working. Like others, hunted around loads and scratched my head lots, then eventually came across these posts.

Downloaded Dr TCP and followed the advice in John's post of setting TCP Receive to 20888 and both MTU settings / the router to 1492 and it's now working fine - thank you so much !
05/09/07 @ 20:19
Comment from Eamonn
You are a genius, I have been trying for several days to get my Belkin router to recognise MSN and microsoft. This worked first time for me with values you gave. Along with everyone else thank you so much
11/09/07 @ 16:27
Comment from Lior Tarom
AMAZING!!! After hours of nothing. God bless you
22/09/07 @ 23:34
Comment from Anonymous
Cheers Buddy. Thank you so much for sharing this. Following Firefox upgrade, IE upgrade, move to talktalk, I had no idea what to do to solve this. 1478 worked for me! Heartfelt thanks again
29/09/07 @ 00:23
Comment from dimvip
It works fine! Tnx!
04/10/07 @ 08:28
Comment from Bert
turn automatic updates on worked for me !! then go to M.s update page and try again
04/12/07 @ 21:54
Comment from smiler3k
Thanks worked great.
By the way to ix your ptoblem just boot of windows cd select repair in instead of setup and when in recovery console just run chkdsk /r this will fix all corrupt files on hard disk and 99% gets everything back to previously booting state
25/12/07 @ 14:02
Comment from Wireless_cable
The solution works for me, thx a lot!
04/01/08 @ 21:59
Comment from H0kage
Dude ur guidance was awesome.
Solved my problem with my new Belking G+ MIMO modem~Router
that i had with some sites and windows live messenger.

Thank you is my token of appreciation for your help:)
30/01/08 @ 15:59
Comment from natmingyi
you all Ok and fine.I do not understand this site.What?
11/02/08 @ 07:29
Comment from C Allen
You have no idea the awesomeness of this site!! My windows update, ebay & hotmail mysteriously stopped working, and Mr. TCP fixed it. I have spent at least 20 hrs trying to work this out, tried all the MS fixes, turned off all fire walls, but the big clue it was the modem was that FireFox didn't work right either. Thank you! But the question remains - how did it get screwed up in the first place? Did Comcast download an upgrade?
02/03/08 @ 21:38
Comment from Ale Gicqueau
I tried that fix without too much hope. After rebooting, the windows update was searching for components for over 20 minutes so I thought it would not work.

I was wrong! Ivoryski is a genius. I am downloading new components from Windows update again.

Thank you! Ale
21/09/08 @ 06:19
Comment from Ale Gicqueau
I just realized that many users on this post were using a wireless G mimo device. This is my case too. This could be the source of the problem...
21/09/08 @ 06:21
Comment from Mad
This shit really worked! THanks man, I searched for hours.. tried every MS patch, registry edit.. and tool. And so it was just the MTU.. damn. You're the best, where can I paypal you! Cheers
30/01/09 @ 23:04

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