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Wed, 04 August 2004

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Our Absent Leaders

Today was the 90th anniversary of Britain's declaration of war on Germany in 1914, and to mark the occasion a ceremony was held at the Centotaph. The only four World War I veterans well enough to attend laid wreaths, before receiving veteran's badges at the Ministry of Defence. According to the BBC, attending the ceremony were Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, veterans minister Ivor Caplin and Commonwealth high commisioners to London. Note who didn't attend: not one member of the Royal family, the Prime Minister or even the defence secretary, who was over in Gibralter ogling the locals. I am not anti-royal, and this is not an anti-government comment, but as this could be the last ceremony of this kind that they are able to attend, would it really have been too much to expect?

In case they got lost on the way, I've marked on a map the relevant locations, along with the approximate time it would take to travel to the Cenotaph:

The Cenotaph

1 - The Cenotaph
2 - 10 Downing Street (30 second walk)
3 - Ministry of Defence (1 minute walk)
4 - Houses of Parliament (2 minute walk)
5 - Clarence House, official residence of Prince Charles (5 minute drive)
6 - Buckingham Palace (5 minute drive)

Oh well, I'm sure they all had good excuses...

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