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Sun, 04 April 2004

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Britain's 'Secret' Underground World

After reading about the fire in Manchester's Guardian Underground Telephone Exchange, a formerly secret telephone exchange built 34m underground during in 1954, I decided to do some digging to see what else is out there (digging, get it?). Sorry, I know this will bore some people to tears, but for some reason this really interested me. Well, it seems that the UK is awash with underground tunnels and rooms, some still in use, but many lying disused.

The most widely known are the London Underground tunnels that, for one reason or another, are no longer used. In many cases they are just sealed up, and the stations almost become time capsules, untouched for years. For further reading, Underground History has a very comprehensive write-up and accompanying photos.

Staying in London, there are also an extensive network of tunnels used by the government, some that are officially acknowledged, such as the Cabinet War Rooms, and some that are not. Outside of London there are ancient tunnels in Glastonbury, a secret British Military Installation at Rudloe Manor near Bath, which is rumoured to be the UK Government's new nuclear command centre.

I found a few good sites with extensive information - take a look at Urban Underworld, Darkplaces, Subterranea Brittanica and this page on
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Comment from Matt
Good call - someone else who has found this facinating - I actually live in Salford and have been hunting round for the sahfts - there is one here in Salford (the other end of the tunnel that caught on fire) - it's amazing to think there's a whole otehr world beneath us!
06/04/04 @ 23:19
Comment from Oliver
Was wondering who owns the RGHQ
Bunker at Shipton in Beningbrough. Have looked all over and can find no info.
11/04/09 @ 22:49

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