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Sun, 04 April 2004

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Help Get Danny Baker On Radio 2

There's a campaign over at Terry Wogan's TOGs site to get Danny Baker moved from his slot on BBC London's Breakfast show to Radio 2. It appears that his appearances on the Terry & Gaby show have endeared him to a whole new audience. With the listeners of Radio 2's most popular show on his side maybe there's a chance this time.

If you'd like to hear Danny Baker freed from the constraints of no music, traffic reports every 15 minutes and, with a bit of luck, also free from Amy Lame, head over there to sign the petition.
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Comment from Puzzle M
Toastie made me do it
20/10/04 @ 16:27
Comment from Inspiral
To arms, and off we go. Fight the good fight!!!
20/10/04 @ 18:39
Comment from Mike D
If it means never again having to hear Lame Amy say "Feb-o-way" instead of "February", I'm all for it
02/03/05 @ 17:26
Comment from Dave Goldsmith
Have I missed any announcements as Danny Baker hasn't been on his show for weeks and Jon Gaunts also disappeared !!!
01/08/05 @ 09:01
Comment from Stuart ·
Danny Baker's taking some time off to write a script for Channel 5. Supposedly he'll be back later in the year, but not on the breakfast show. Jon Gaunt has been sent to Coventry, literally, where he's doing the breakfast show on BBC Radio Coventry. Rumour has it that after Danny Baker left Jon Gaunt's listener figures plummeted, as it was made up of a lot of people who just hadn't been bothered to switch over after Danny Baker.
01/08/05 @ 09:14
Comment from Alex Morgan
Danny Baker would be ideal on Radio 2. Now we have Cheis Evans on Saturday afternoon, Danny, would be good on a Sunday morning, like he was on BBC GLR in the late 80's

02/08/05 @ 10:18
Comment from Andrew Barnes
Trying to track down the elusive Mr Baker has been a chore, ever since getting broadband so I could listen to BBC London, only to find he's on permanent holiday.

He has returned to write for The Times on a Monday but getting him on Radio 2 would be great. Radio 2 gets a growing audience and becomes more popular as they've started to replenish some older DJ's.

Jonathon Woss, Cwis Evans, Danny Baker, maybe Gazza will get a slot.
24/08/05 @ 12:20
Comment from Steve Allison
Danny would be fantastic on Radio 2. I also just got broadband (I'm in Romania) in time to hear the last of Danny's shows on LDN. I remember the glory days of Radio 5 Morning Edition. This failed on Radio 1 weekends because it requires continuity. Danny Baker needs 5 days a week - if they put him on only at weekends it just doesn't work as well.

Come on Danny! I want to hear more stories about 'how nuts is your mum?'

26/08/05 @ 10:35
Comment from Joe from Chelsea
Just get The Candyman back on the air on any station I can pick up in London,

I've had bad withdrawal symptoms for the last two months (Who the **** is Jo Anne Goode).

Also I would Like to stick up for Amy, I thought the whole team on Radio London was probably the best DB Team so far,
16/09/05 @ 15:51
Comment from Deb
I'm also missing Danny on BBC radio London, and hope that someone will sign him to another London station. I was lucky enough to catch the last 2 years of the Treehouse, and it was constantly entertaining and informative. A great way to wake up.

Come back, Danny!!
20/09/05 @ 14:26
Comment from chris
The bbc must be absolutely bonkers to let Danny Baker go.Jo-anne Good is a pale reflection and as for that Baylon fella - whats that all about? Surely Robert Elms would be a better option for the mornings? Jon Gaunt - good riddance you silly old bigot.
21/09/05 @ 22:38
Comment from John H
It's worse than that. The entry isn't date stamped, but says that the talentless Jono (currently flobbering in Radio London's 1500-1700 slot) is lined up to take over the breakfast show. I really really hope that this is out of date an inaccurate news.

I used to listen to HeartFM breakfast until he took over, and I abandoned the station entirely. Now it looks like Radio London will never get me back either.

*sigh* Such a shame.
25/09/05 @ 23:14
Comment from Al B.
Please somebody give Danny a show, the thought of Wobbly Jono every morning is HORRIBLE. GLR a few years ago was wonderful, Danny, Chris Evans & Chris Morris. Now It's Wobbly Jono followed by Vanessa Feltz! Help!
Goodbye Radio London, It was good/great while it lasted.I'll still try to catch Robert Elms though
05/10/05 @ 13:05
Comment from Leni
Dannyeeeeee sob !
07/10/05 @ 05:13
Comment from Gazzasdad
Danny deserves airtime on a station with the stature of R2.
07/10/05 @ 14:54

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