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Sat, 13 March 2004

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Whoring My Site For Cash

In the vain hope of making a bit of cash, I applied for Google's AdSense program. I wasn't sure I'd be accepted, as one of their program policies is that they don't generally accept personal pages. Well, it seems that the content must be just far enough away from their definition of a personal page, as this morning I received a 'Congratulations, you Adsense application has been approved' email from them.

Concious of not turning the site into a billboard, I've decided not to put the ads on the front page, and have so far only put them on the gallery pages. When I can work out how to do it in b2evolution, I may also put them on the permalink pages. I'm not looking (or expecting) to make a fortune from it, but enough to cover my hosting costs would be great, and anything over a bonus.

**UPDATE** 14/03/2004
Well I'll be damned if I can work out how to get the Adsense links to only display on certain pages, so they're going on all of them.

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