I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue Quotes, Series 40 - 43

Pick Up Song - Samantha In The Gramaphone Library

During the introduction to the game Pick Up Song on BBC Radio 4's I'm Sorry I Haven't Clue, the host, Humphrey Lyttelton, recounts a tale of scorer Samantha's time in the gramaphone library:

**Important** - A warning about a new book about Humphrey Lyttelton.

Samantha spends so much time down in the gramaphone library researching this that she's been asked to take over as the new supervisor. Her first task is a complete staff reorganisation and to allocate new duties to the nice old archivists. They say that when she's finished her assessment they're hoping Samantha will give them a group presentation in the conference room and then hand jobs out in the office.

As usual, Samantha made her regular trip to the gramaphone library this morning, to collect the records she'd ordered. She doesn't like heights, but the archivist is very helpful and always climbs the ladder to fetch her some of the most successful discs in music history. She says she always looks forward to her visits, as he goes up with his feet firmly on the steps and hands down her giant hits.

As is customary on these occassions, Samantha has spent several hours researching the teams' discs in the gramaphone library. She popped down there this morning to find the archivist had rushed back from his hiking holiday especially to open the place up for her. Still with his boots and napsack on, he was kindly tidying the place up. Samantha says there's nothing better than a neat rambler down in the basement.

As is customary, record researcher Samantha made her regular visit to the gramaphone library earlier. The kindly old archivist keeps a small terrier for company and Samantha makes a point of taking a treat of a biscuit or two. The archivist says he always loves to watch his little dog as he scampers up to Samantha with her couple of crackers held out and pants around her ankles.

As is customary, Samantha spent some time down in the gramaphone library earlier, fetching the hit singles she's chosen. She's become quite friendly with the two elderly archivists, Jack and Arthur. They've recently gone part time, so Samantha's come to a working arrangement - she does the paperwork, Arthur gets her 45s out and Jack's off all afternoon.

As ever, Samantha spent several hours down in the gramaphone archive, giving the teams' discs a trial spin on the library record deck. The nice old archivists have recently have recently been a bit worried about their early vinyl collection getting scratched, so Samantha ordered them a new mat for the turntable. She said they were very excited at the thought of getting felt under their old 7 inches.

Samantha nipped out to the gramaphone earlier, and as the eager assistants down there suspected she might be a country music lover, they got out every Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson record available: well in my experience she's always been a big fan of Willie's and now she's got to work her way through a complete box set of Johnny's.

As is traditional on these occasions, Samantha went along to the gramaphone library earlier to collect the teams' records. It's pitch black down there, so Samantha and the elderly archivist have taken to searching the shelves by candle light, which can be messy, so while Samantha passes down the discs, the nice man holds the ladder while he cleans the dust and wax off in the dark.

Samantha kindly took all four team members down in to the gramaphone archive earlier to help choose their songs. It's quite cramped down there, but she managed to squeeze them in two abreast.

Samantha's been choosing records for the teams with the assistance of the elderly staff of the BBC gramaphone archive. Some of their old 7 inches are looking a bit worn now, but they were all quite big back in the 60s.

Samantha spent many hours in conversation with the BBC gramaphone library research staff for this round, deliberating over the fine old 7 inchers they presented for inspection. She says before deciding which she was going to spin she had to think about each one long and hard.

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