I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue Quotes, Series 32 - 35

Pick Up Song - Samantha In The Gramaphone Library

During the introduction to the game Pick Up Song on BBC Radio 4's I'm Sorry I Haven't Clue, the host, Humphrey Littleton, recounts a tale of scorer Samantha's time in the gramaphone library:

**Important** - A warning about a new book about Humphrey Lyttelton.

Samantha spent several hours down in the gramaphone archive earlier, choosing four of the very best, and those magnificant hits are about to be given an airing for the teams' delight. She'll soon have them swinging along to the music.

Samantha has drawn my attention to several misunderstandings in past introductions to this round, as she takes her preparation work for it very seriously. She insists we spend hours in the gramaphone archive researching records, and I can't tell you how long she keeps me down there. However, she retains her sense of humour, and if I ever do slip up she always gives me a reassuring smile when I put it incorrectly.

Our regular scorer, Samantha, can't be with us today as she's away helping an elderly neighbour clear out for a house move. This morning she sorted his box room and later she's going to join him in the attic to have a good rummage in his trunks.

Samantha spent some time in the gramaphone archive last night sorting through the jazz section. When I arrived she kindly got my vintage collection out and spread them on the desk for me.

Samantha and I spent a few hours in the record library earlier and enjoyed a good long root in the singles section.

I spent a frankly unrewarding half hour down there this morning, until Samantha generously offered to help me out. Strictly speaking, her contract doesn't cover research, and by asking her to have an unpaid poke amongst the record stack I might have put her in an awkward position, but she didn't mind.

She accompanied me down to the Gramaphone library earlier where she quickly uncovered the greatest hits ever, and what a treat for my old years they were.

As ever, Samantha spent a few hours browsing among the shelves in the singles archive this week, and as a result of a rewarding poke in the country section, she was thrilled to discover a mint condition 7 inch Boxcar Willie.

As ever, Samantha spent some hours down in the gramaphone archive selecting the team's discs. You know, she puts in a lot of hard work on this round and she gets a bit fed up with silly comments about the way she 'checks the teams' 7 inchers' or 'pulls out my reproduction equipment and twists my knob'. Samantha tells me she tries to take no notice of these pathetic, purile critics, but it isn't always easy to ignore her knockers.

Samantha has spent a rewarding evening amongst the shelves down in the gramaphone archive. As ever, her keen eye has spotted a firm favourite or two, and she couldn't resist getting them down.

Samantha has been busying herself down in the gramaphone archive, pulling out a 7 incher for each of the teams, and checking closely for damage. She was disappointed to see one or two where worn almost flat through over use. Fortunately, she has a couple of fine 45s in reserve for just such an emergency, and will be getting them out soon to put things right.

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