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Sun, 22 July 2007

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Evesham Floods July 2007

Of particular interest as I have family living in Evesham, albeit well out of harm's way. I was there for the Easter 1998 floods, but a roving reporter on the ground (my Mum) tells me these are worse.

There are a few photos of the floods on the BBC and Sky news sites, but as usual it's the blogs and forums that have the most extensive coverage.

A series of photos showing the rising water level:
5.12pm 20th July
6.28pm 20th July
8.03pm 20th July
5.51am 21st July

Some photographs on the ukworldweather forum. The helicopter shot on page 2 of this thread is as good as any you'll ever see in a newspaper:
Evesham Flood Rescue

More here at the Volkszone Forum:
More Flood Photos

A report by someone trapped in their riverside flat:
Trapped by the floods

And finally, a few photos taken by my Mother:
Port Street Floods
Evesham Floods Rescue
Port Street Floods
Lower Leys Floods
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Comment from Kat B
I remember the floods of 1998 in Evesham - wow can't believe these are worse. Water was practically up to the old cinema last time in Port Street did it get that far up again?
Great pictures by the way!!
22/07/07 @ 11:59
Comment from zoe
i havent been in evesham for long and evesham was devastating my mate was flooded and my sister and mom were stranded . but lookerly i was at my m8s party and i had 2 sleep at hers cause my mom couldent get through
13/12/07 @ 11:47
Comment from Woman 4 ever!
people so defenceless opposite natural power
28/02/08 @ 09:51
Comment from zee
omfg ..... in the fllod my best friend house got flooded nd she had 2 sleep in my house for about 3 weeks intill her house got cleaned a bit because it wasnt very nice 2 go in nd in her gardon it was up to her
nee - caps . she lives on the persure road as well
10/04/08 @ 19:35
Comment from LINDA HARDY
looking for information re flooding in Birch Avenue EVESHAM w11 1YJ in 2007
20/02/14 @ 18:12
Comment from sianstar
omfg Evesham 2007 flood was horrible me nd me mate were stranded at me house m8 scary shit !!!
06/11/14 @ 16:50

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