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Mon, 10 January 2005

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Googlejuice Request

If you have a website, please join me in starting a new Googlebomb. The target is the website of Christian Voice, the organisation who have the audacity to complain about Jerry Springer The Opera, whilst preaching their anti-gay, anti-abortion, racist message, and the link text is ignorant bigots. Once again, ignorant bigots.

**UPDATE 16/01/05**
A fine effort chaps, thanks - Christian Voice are now 1st in Google and Yahoo for the search ignorant bigots. Now it's there I'm going to change the title of this post to try and drop from 2nd.
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Trackback from: Bloggerheads
Call for Google-juice!
Read this. Then do this: ignorant bigots That is all....
12/01/05 @ 13:49
Trackback from: ISX.networks
I'm doing my part! Are you?
It's been said before, but it needs to be said again: Christian Voice are ignorant bigots.
12/01/05 @ 17:17
Comment from phil austin
I hate the intoleance and the self rightiousness of zealots of any persuation but I defend their right to hold their beliefs.

It is every individuals right to beleive whatever they wish, however, there is no automatic right to force those beliefs upon others in any way.
13/01/05 @ 14:04
Comment from Chris Hollis ·
If Christian Voice want their views and their right to hold them to be respected, they should learn to respect the views and rights of others. They should grow up and learn how to use their TV remote to select a programme they DO want to watch, whilst leaving those that want to watch the programme in question in peace.

If you don't like something, don't watch it - I think both Eastenders and Coronation Street are mindless rubbish, but I don't go around lobbying for their removal from our screens, I just don't watch them.
13/01/05 @ 16:27
Comment from Anj · http://The Unstamped Blog
wouldn't it be a nicer world if all wars were fought just with googlebombs
14/01/05 @ 03:37
Trackback from:
Looking for ignorant bigots?
But don't know know where to start? Google is your friend!
17/01/05 @ 12:28
Trackback from:
Looking for gnorant bigots?
But don't know know where to start? Google is your friend!
17/01/05 @ 12:43
Comment from David ·
Sorry about the double-trackback there. Was having problems uploading and accidentally did it twice.
17/01/05 @ 12:52

While I respect your anger at Christian Watch, I might point out that you are as intolerant of their Christian views as they are of yours.

Too bad tolerance isn't something many of us humans can really practice.

I'll confess being one who has learned to straddle the fence, so to speak. My ex-wife is gay and so is my brother - and he and I are close. However I've held conservative Christian views most of my adult life (but I'm mellowing as I grow older). Not sure what that makes me except tolerant of a whole lot more than most people... I mean, I can see both sides of this issue. I think you're both right and you're both wrong.

Hope you understand where I'm coming from - just an old newsguy.
21/01/05 @ 03:29
Comment from Someone Orother
'Intolerance' of bigotry is not intolerance in the sense you are attempting to argue. This is the same kind of fallacious reasoning that has people argue that atheism is a form of religion; atheism is the LACK of belief, not a special case of belief. Declaiming bigotry itself is a LACK of bigotry combined with an active challenge to those promoting it, NOT a special case of bigotry.
18/09/05 @ 00:46
Comment from Me
Agreed. To speak up and say that bigotry is wrong and a group is acting in that manner - whatever group as long as you're 1. specific to the people actually doing it and 2. right! - isn't bigotry.

This particular group is using pressure tactics to persecute groups of people that don't fit in with their interpretation of the book. Including picketing, taking people to court, accusations of various sorts, e-mailing people at Home (which won't freak them out at all, oh no)... It's frankly unacceptable behaviour no matter what cause you're following.

It's the same kind of behaviour that the animal rights philosopher/activist (name escapes me sorry) was refused entry to the country for.

There is no petition that could be signed (even if they'd listen) to tell them that behaviour is not within their freedom of speech because it's actually affecting other peoples right to choose. The government isn't doing anything and if they did they'd be dragged through the courts for nothing to change.

This isn't the action of all, or even the majority of christians. This is by all accounts a relatively small group. Whether it's right to respond by googlebombing them or not, I'll stay out of.

It getting up that far relies on enough people agreeing with the statement and posting it somewhere - in theory that's democracy in action and it hasn't stopped anyone from going to the site, believing what they believe.
20/09/05 @ 19:30
Comment from wodge ·
14/05/06 @ 16:07

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