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In response to: Alfa Romeo and Fiat Radio Code (Blaupunkt)

Please cod
BP-Nr.7 643 311 316
Fiat.Nr.156 063 738
BP 331157193678
30/04/16 @ 08:26

In response to: Alfa Romeo and Fiat Radio Code (Blaupunkt)

Dean Page
hi please can someone provide my radio code

dying without it! thanks in advance! :D

Alfa 937 CD MP3
31/03/16 @ 16:06

In response to: Alfa Romeo and Fiat Radio Code (Blaupunkt)

Razvan Gherghilescu
In my alfa I have Blaupunkt radio, ALFA 937 HIGH, BP937838518718 and I charge my battery (outside from car) and when I retur battery to my car I loose radio code, can anybody help me with code.thanks
29/03/16 @ 16:34

In response to: Telephone Number

book a ticket in the states check my bank account they charged me 112. more than my ticket now trying to get in tough and no luck can some one help me .I don't understand how they get away with this ,I even check the airline and my ticket was even cheaper than what I paid some ONE HELP ME PLEASE
06/03/16 @ 17:28

In response to: Alfa Romeo and Fiat Radio Code (Blaupunkt)

felipe gonzalez

i need help with:



Thanks a lot in advance
28/02/16 @ 11:24

In response to: Telephone Number

Booked night at hotel for my son and girlfriend. Got confirmation only to get another email 2 days later to say there was an increase of 32.00! We did not see the email for 4-5 days only to find it was still being advertised at the original price. I put in a complaint as advised by trading standards due to miss leading advertising. Have now called the 0800 number in India every other day for past 2 weeks only to be told someone will be in touch. They have taken my money and on calling the hotel direct they have no booking for me!!! I have tried all the numbers on this site and all disconected. I will never use this company again...Im about to call trading standards again and urge anyone with issues to do the same. A compliance investigation is urgently needed for this coNpany!!
12/02/16 @ 13:31
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