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In response to: Alfa Romeo and Fiat Radio Code (Blaupunkt)

please can you find my code from my alfa 156 radio
BP 7640378316

thanks a lot
04/07/14 @ 22:51

In response to: Britain's 'Secret' Underground World

Fre5 tunnelen og ut i hf8glys deg, nyldeeg!Svar pe5 kvifor blomen hos meg blir kalla stemor: Blomen har fem kronblad: ei mor med to df8tre og to stedf8tre. Den gule flekken i midten liknar eit stort grautfat med ein stor smf8rklatt. Mora sjf8lv sit pe5 det breie bladet nedst og kosar seg med grauten ne6rast df8trene. Dei fe5r ogse5 ein klatt graut kvar. Men dei stakkars stedf8trene f8vst pe5 blomen fe5r ikkje noko av grauten. Der er det ingen gule flekker fre5 smf8ret.
09/06/14 @ 11:15

In response to: Doesn't Amateur Mean You Don't Get Paid?

Your posting really stagerhtined me out. Thanks!
09/06/14 @ 10:03

In response to: Telephone Number

this company is a joke booked flights to luanda 3 days before departing get e mail saying flights been cancelled turkish airline change flight shedules and they cant find any alturnative flights ? can refund money in 7 to 10 days no phone calls no phone backs when you do manage to get someone on phone put to hold and always end up transfered to call centre in india very ill person today sick with worry now found this thank you just shame i didnt see this before i brought my tickets i hope someone can find a way to make it more public what this company is
07/06/14 @ 11:31

In response to: Alfa Romeo and Fiat Radio Code (Blaupunkt)

Hi, I'm from Portugal, here I can not find the radio code, I hope you can help me, I need a radio code for my Brera.

The radio is:
Blaupunkt GMBH
ALFA 939 CD SB05

Codes on radio are:
815 BP 630267648620 and
7 646 302 316

thank you very much
29/04/14 @ 16:30

In response to: Alfa Romeo and Fiat Radio Code (Blaupunkt)


Could you please help me with this radio. It needs the code
blaupunkt alpha cc .
S/N vwz1z1v8863637
11/04/14 @ 10:20
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