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In response to: PlusNet - How Not To Run A Broadband ISP

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11/09/16 @ 15:26

In response to: Telephone Number

Peggy crease
My flight was cancelled by the airline. Have tried to get a refund but to yet no joy. Have spoke to India that many times. Have asked for a number in England, but say they don't have one. Does anyone have a current number for their head office p,ease. Have tried to find one but all unattainable.
07/09/16 @ 10:21

In response to: Vodafone 3G Data Charges

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04/09/16 @ 01:51

In response to: Alfa Romeo and Fiat Radio Code (Blaupunkt)

Hi. I have a alfa romeo 147. Changed battery and now no radio. Need code if you can help.
bp630465644437 and 7646304316

Thank you.
22/08/16 @ 19:31

In response to: Alfa Romeo and Fiat Radio Code (Blaupunkt)


Please I need help with my blaupunkt alfa gt c1v2 cd radio. It turned itself off whist I was driving and Ī do not have a code.

The numbers are....BP669471708982 and 76466694316. Any help greatly appreciated
09/06/16 @ 18:34

In response to: Alfa Romeo and Fiat Radio Code (Blaupunkt)

Lucky m mahlaba
Please help with my alfa radio its a blankp the no.bp937617443499 seioal no.8631122613
05/06/16 @ 18:14
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